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An IT major from Galar, Sterling Beckett, known commonly as Beck, is the former head of security at Macraul Manor and currently a member of the PEFE support staff at the Stormchaser. He was brought into PEFE's protection in the wake of his deteriorating relationship with his former employers.


Beck is a mixed-race Galarian man of about 30 years, and has the typical appearance of a temperamental and reclusive nerdy man. He has wavy, poofy hair in a bowl cut. Looks kind of moody. He tends to wear hoodies a lot, especially when not wearing crew-neck sweaters over buttondowns. He is of White, Black, and [South Asian] descent.


Almost exclusively known by a shortening of his surname, Sterling Beckett was born in Wedgehurst. His parents were shepherds, raising wooloo to use their fur for the region's robust textile industry. He left home in his teens to go to university, and eventually majored in information technology. Having worked in several Kalosian companies prior, he was among the many gifted individuals granted internships in one of the companies run by the Macraul family. His brilliance eventually caught the attention of Lowell Macraul, who promoted him to a position in their cybersecurity wing. There, he co-developed the modern security systems used in the properties owned by the Macrauls.

These good times did not last, however, and a string of robberies and breaches committed by arch-criminals and vigilante actions by the J-Team gradually soured Beck's working relationships with the Macrauls. Beck unofficially quit after having spent the last two years being at the receiving end of their meetings of not-so-subtle intimidation (among other abuses), especially from the Patriarch's inner circle. Following the failure of his earliest security system to powered individuals beyond his capacity to account for, he was subjected to intense verbal abuse from various family members, including his former mentor Lowell.

One rainy day in 2019, he snuck out of his employer-provided quarters and made a discreet phone call to the gendarmerie, who then recommended him to be brought into PEFE custody. As a final act of spite, he, under anonymity, gave the schematics to the upgraded security system to a PEFE-affiliate that turned out to be planning a heist in Macraul Manor. He later was transferred to the protection of PEFE and was brought in as an IT consultant and security personnel member, though in practice he does other chores alongside the rest of the team, including performing retrieval errands for Priscilla.

Beck's Pokémon



  • His Pokémon are named after the Beatles.
    • Jules is named for John Lennon
    • Paul is named for Paul McCartney
    • Ringo is named for Ringo Starr
    • Georgy is named for George Harrison
    • Peter is named for Pete Best
    • Sutcliffe is named for Stuart Sutcliffe
  • He derives his name from the two main characters in the movie Spies in Disguise, Lance Sterling and Walter Beckett.

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