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Nickname: Silent
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: ~31
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: analogue to Amerindian mestizo
Birthday: [REDACTED], 1986.
Trainer ID: -
Home: unnamed fanon region (*)
Pokéform: Nidoran♂
Starter: InkaMaekrite
Trainer Info
PEFE Researcher Silent
Region: Unknown / Johto
Starter: Inka

Silent in field (first) attire; according to artist Pikaninja.

Silent (real name unknown) is one of the player characters in WAAPT. A Trainer from a noncanon region living in Goldenrod, he is also a member and co-founder of the WAAPT-verse's version of PEFE. He joins the J-Team at the beginning of the Gold Conference for the longest. cameo. ever. with Tangent when the two head off to Sinnoh to get news from Tagg and Tracer and their research.

He is about 25-30 years old, started his journey at age 10 in Goldenrod with a Nidoran♀, Inka, and is currently at his second "Trainer's Journey" as part of field work for PEFE, with his second starter Maekrite. As a PEFE Researcher he specializes in Open Field Studies - the study of intertwined ecosystems and phenomena such as migration.

Silent's Pokéform is a Nidoran♂.

Among Silent's possessions there is a case of sentient TMs (of which Curse has some desires for World Domination) and a PEFE laptop with Linoone designs. When requested by other PEFE members he gets them laptops or other devices with particular designs of their choosing.

Silent and his Pokémon are characters by User:VeniaSilente.


Silent is a young adult reaching to about 1.78m and of overall amerindian body build and appearance. His skin is light brown overall except in his forearms and forelegs, which have been exposed to the sunlight the more. His skin in the arms and forelegs is coursed by little scars, mostly healed pokes from his time handling Inka and other Nidoran, as well as some other minor scars from ill-fated encounters with some Pokémon.

His hair is cocoa brown curtained in an arc to the front left, and reaching to shoulder length where it fans out a bit; some loose strands of hair flown down by the side of his face, reaching almost to eye level. He has wide dark eyes with some hints of green.

His body complexion is that of a man who has had to walk a lot and from a young age, with strong legs, whereas his forearms and wrists are a bit thin for a man his age.

While not a part of his WAAPT-specific appearance, canon!Silent has a couple short strands of graying hair running from the right side of his head.


When it comes to clothing Silent has a number of outfits that he usually wears, and the rest of the time he dresses in nondescript casual. Due to the nature of his activities, he always wears sportshoes except for when required for the formal parts of his job. His primary outfit as depicted by Pikaninja in the character image above, consists of a light-blue button-up long-sleeved T-shirt without markings, a polar gray sleeveless sweater, black or brown pants, and worker shoes or sport shoes depending on the occasion. Whenever working he usually pulls up the sleeves of his T-shirt. Around his left arm he wears two armlets with some devices as well as a pouch. From his belt's left side hangs a long pouch where he keeps his Pokéballs as well as a attachment for his Pokédex. He dons a half-width royal blue cape that extends from his shoulder down to about his knee, and which is chained to the opposite shoulder via a red belt and a chain, plus an extra chain attached to his belt so that Silent's neck and torso don't have to support the entire weight of the cape, as well as to limit some cape flowing that would otherwise be inconvenient. Canon-wise, this is the outfit Silent dons under his true name as the then Interim Champion of his home region of Suocé.

His first alt outfit, "Summertime Researcher" as depicted in Pikaninja's 2012 Group Shot (extreme right) has him in looser clothes featuring a white T-shirt with horizontal stripes of varying shades of blue, beige working pants and a thick-collared steel blue jacket. This is the outfit he dons during the start of his second Trainer Journey where he explores the region of Hoeen, and he wears the same outfit the next times he visits the region as well as other regions such as Holon.

His second alt outfit, "Liaison of Nidoran", has him dress in more of a drifter style plus a Nidoking-themed coat; the outfit consists in a short-sleved T-shirt or shirt, black pants and a belt, as well as travel boots. A white/green sash attaches to his belt on the right side, shielding a half-open curved case where he keeps his Pokéballs and Pokégear. On top of this he wears a plant purple heavy coat, plus hood and white-gray belt plates, themed after a Nidoking's appearance. This coat was given to him as a gift by Renard and was first fully debuted while assisting Louie in his way out of the Mirage Desert.

His third alt outfit, "Acolyte of the Earth Book", has him dress in a combination of white ad teal clothes plus a teal ad purple suit and coat based off of the Acolyte's Suit from FFXIV. The coat has a wide hanging belt that also locks to his pant and belt, and where a customized Grimoire (containing some of his Pokéballs, a modified Pokégear and probably an original extract of the Mysterioes of the Earth) is attached. This outfit was given to Silent as a gift by Renard and was first debuted at Renard's birthday party. As of 2015, it is scheduled to become his main outfit during the next Sinnoh Arc.

A fourth, yet to be onscreened alt outfit, "PEFE Technician", has him dressed in a light green or gray shirt and his summertime outfit pants, plus a white lab coat just as his fellow PEFE colleagues and cofounders do in the PEFE Groupshot. While not depicted onscreen or officially, this is what he would have worn during his first year at PEFE, or (in the Alternate Timeline only) before his time as instructor of Toxic Arts in Goldenrod-U.

A fifth, Alternate Timeline-only outfit, "Borrowed Armor", has Silent wearing a set of light armor in white and purple, apparently made by the Latii living in Alto Mare, and themed after a combination of Latios and Nidoking. He dons the armor briefly during the invasion to PEFE HQ during that timeline in order to fight PEFeDOS the first time, and it is returned to its place afterwards.



Until the AU

Silent joined the plot right before the beginning of the Gold Conference when he and Tangent arrived to Sinnoh on board of the Zero-One to check up on their two researcher partners, Tracer and Tagg. While the three other researchers went on to rescue Pankaja from the Sinnoh Cubone Tribe, Silent had to stay back and attend to some legalese matters. He went on to have some problems with his Pokémon, such as Maekrite running away from him after witnessing Giovanni battle and Algira having a brief crush on Tagg. Silent made an effort to watch several of the battles but arrived late (or way too late) for many of them, in particular Slouch v/s Cynthia.

Like many other characters, Silent eventually gets to try the Armbands to understand Monese, he ends up becoming a Nidoran♂.

Near the end of the GC and after failed attempts to catch a Sinnoh Pokémon, Tagg breeds a Starly♀ from Roc for Silent. The egg eventually hatches and is named Shahinne by Every.

By the end of the GC, Silent is time-relocated just like everyone else as the timeline forks into the AU. He is back at Goldenrod U teaching Dark Arts Poisonous Techniques when he realizes that he "somehow" can understand Monese. As he returns to the colony to meet a now Nidoqueen Inka, it is revealed that Silent has been testing military and medical devices with the help of the Nidorino and Nidorina in the colony. After intervention by Luke he is sent to PEFE HQ to retrieve Pokémon that were sent there and were being experimented upon by PEFeDOS, the AI running the place.

After helping release Goldenrod from the Unovan occupation Silent takes part in the final confrontation against Cyrus, to which he reluctantly brings some of his Pokémon.

PMD travels

Silent travels to the PMD universe via the Entralink portal with a team of six, including Roc. The group gets somehow split and he ends up turned into a Nidoran♂ again, with amnesia, under the care of Maekrite and Algira. The trio eventually reaches Treasure Town after meeting Spectrum and Lapras. The other two groups, composed of Roc and Shahinne, and Ichtacya and Sol, have their own misadventures before reaching the town.

Eventually Silent and Maekrite get shardported around and reach the future colony of Johto, turned into the Golden Forests, and from there travel to PEFE HQ-B with Teala.

Shortly after the group returns from the PMD-verse, Silent meets with other characters in Rota and they go to the nearby Tree of Beginning, where they are instructed to check some Alakagross ruins.

Aloof at arms reach

While most of the cast is in Unova, Silent is in Sinnoh with part of his team, looking for a specific book. While he is there, he handles Maggie's second test as part as her application to PEFE. By this time he has Sol lead the team as Maekrite has to stay back at home. However, Sol goes mysteriously missing. While searching for her, Silent contributes a test for her in the Great Marsh that goes slightly off-track.

Silent makes a couple of small appearances in Holon, when he enters some of his Pokémon to the Auric Sol Tournament to earn some experience; later, he meets Ren (PC) and has Shahinne assist in setting up communications for the J-Team so that they can work past the magnetic storms in the area and find and retrieve Crewe who was kidnapped.


When the group goes to Orre, several PEFE characters get ambushed by lawyers, but Silent had managed to leave shortly before that. Once in Agate, Silent and some of his Pokémon witness RA's hatching, then he goes assist the local police dept. in following some hotline tips searching for Cipher activity. It is in one of these stakeouts that Silent meets Every who has been turned to the Dark Side, and as a result of their encounter Maekrite is snagged away from him.

During the final confrontations with Cipher's main body in Gateon Port, Silent's team is holding off the Cipher transports at the docks and sinking their ships so that they can not bring reinforcements in.

Silent later receives intel offscreen that Ardos has taken off to Kanjoh and returns there; by that time it is Every who is facing one of the remnants of Cipher forces to get Maekrite back.

Looking to New Regions

After those events Silent spends some time offscreen in between PEFE HQ and the Goldenrod Branch. He eventually travels to Kalos at the end of the first leg of the Kalos Arc, where he has a brief meeting with Forte and Tangent, just like during Maekrite's 5th birthday. Then he heads to Lumiose for a J-Team meeting.

Hoenn Confirmed

After the Kalos adventures, Silent returns to Goldenrod, where Maekrite is de-evolved back all the way to Nidoran♂ stage. Silent pushes the Nidoran to get back to his life and his kits while he works on sciencey stuff he has left pending in PEFE ever since he has been adventuring with the rest of the gang. During this time, he also assists Sol in getting to her college studies.

Silent periodically visits the main PEFE headquarters and their laboratories as well. During one of those visits, he hosts a belated birthday party for Shahinne where various mons get invited. He also requests his own PEFEgon and prepares for its integration to the team by working on a special device similar to a Pokéball for him.

Silent and Maekrite also start working together on ways to get the Nidoran back to full battle capacity and they they seek out ways to harness the power of Mega Evolution, or any other similar power if the canon doesn't provide enough love, in a controlled manner. For this purpose he is working on modifying his G2 retrofitted Pokégear to integrate a Key Stone.

Some time after the rest of the gang goes to Hoenn again, Silent takes a trip there as well, with most of his mons, taking advantage that several of his Pokémon are actually from the region such as Dintel and Algira. He arrives to Slateport, where he meets Pianis and Siren, and has as immediate plans to travel to Verdanturf or the Mirage Tower to seek out more potential Pokémon. Later he and the team cross to the Fallarbor road where his mons have (again) trouble with the soot, unaware that the Ashcloud is after them; and during their trip they end up meeting Valiant Knight Skarmory.

At a later time Silent meets Noelle and Zanna during the celebration of Shahinne's birthday party.

Silent eventually goes to a meeting with Steven in his house. After the result of the meeting (TBA), he stays in undetermined places in Hoenn while the Pokesona Arc rolls around.


  • Started a campaign in Johto against Nidoran debarbing.
  • Completed the Johto E4 challenge (against Lance).
  • Assisted in the disbandment of Pokefutures.
  • Disabled large part of the PEFE HQ armament set up by PEFeDOS in the alternate timeline.
  • Installed Debian 9 across the alternate timeline PEFE infrastructure.
  • Assisted Pentigan's testing into PEFE.
  • Completed the Orange Islands Gym Challenge (against Drake).
  • Assisted Tracer's and Luke's recovery of machinery and information from Mirage Tower.
  • Disabled Charon's energy siphoning systems in Mauville together with Casval.
  • Signed Umbramatic into PEFE.
  • Started Jeff's testing into PEFE.
  • Ran Maggie's second testing into PEFE.
  • Disabled some ships of Cipher supplies in Gateon Port.

Silent's Items

These are some relevant items Silent has:

  • A clothing combination in thestyle of Treize Kushrenada, as portrayed in the page image.
  • A retrofitted G2 Pokégear.
  • A PEFE laptop with Linoone designs.
  • Berries
    • Mint Berries, usually courtesy of Inka.
    • A bag of "Schrödinger Berries", ie.: whatever berry the player whom it is given to chooses.
    • One each of Touga, Pumkin, Drash and Nutpea berries courtesy of Renard.
  • A Balloon courtesy of Rex Hunter.
  • A green earring for Maekrite, courtesy of Pankaja.
  • A sex-appeal boosting monocle for Maekrite, courtesy of Lenore.
  • Two-way radio suited for equipment for a Nidoran, attached to the above earring.
  • A monocle for Maekrite, courtesy of Lenore. It boosts gentlemanliness (+5), classiness and sex-appeal.
  • A King Sash for Maekrite, courtesy of Kai. PMD item that absorbs TypePsychic.gif as HP.
  • A case of apparently sentient TMs.
  • A GS Ball whose owner mon has left in charge of him while waiting for a specific time in the future to retrieve it.
  • A necklace with a Rhydon molar Shahinne dentist'd while in the PMD-verse.
  • A King Sash from the PMD world.
  • A Nidoking-themed coat, courtesy of Ren. Debuted during the Hoenn-2 arc.
  • A [bag of souls] Yveltal gave to Shahinne.
  • A clothing combination in purple and teal, in the style of the Acolyte's Suit for FF XIV, courtesy of Renard.
  • A teal-coloured grimoire-styled container for tablet devices and Pokéballs intended to give the illusion of summoning, courtesy of Renard. (better pic)
  • (TBA) A Mega activator item for a yet undetermined species.
  • (TBA) A Card Slot extension for the Pokégear to interact with the Mega activator.
  • (TBA) A gateway energy transduction device, in experimental stage, to test evolution mechanisms with Maekrite.
  • (TBA) A Digidevice for a PEFEgon, in experimental stage, and which Silent calls the "iso-manifold virtual protein realizator".

Items formerly in possession:

  • A borked pendant, that dropped Stamina instead of boosting it.
  • A Beauty Stone, that added +100 to the wearer's Beauty.
  • A weather vane Silent found in the Orange Islands, later left in charge of Inka.

Silent's Team

Silent's Team
On Hand: Maekrite032Mini.pngDintel027Mini.png
Velvet Room: Cu Sith507Mini.png
"Digital World"(?): PEFEgon #0x0052
PEFE HQ / others: ---
At College: Sol196Mini.png
Retired / Released: Inka030Mini.png⁢⁇⁢⁇eon133Mini.png
Alternate Timeline: Inka031Mini.pngBaluarkos034Mini.png
Temporary / Borrowed: Xatu178Mini.pngRufus552Mini.png
Others: Celebi251Mini.pngunknown GenⅧ Pokémon?Mini.png
As last seen in: Re: Glitch


  • Silent is not explicitly stated to have an Attribute and it is very likely he has none, but there is a small chance he is a Spleen of Jade.
  • No Pokémon in Silent's new OU team knows Hyper Beam, Giga Impact or any of the other elemental special techniques or equivalents. (This carries to/from his fic!verse counterpart)
  • Up until Sol transferred, no Pokémon in Silent's team had known Protect.
  • Up until Lileep, Silent never had a Rock-type Pokémon.
  • Silent has never had an Ice, Fairy or Fighting type Pokémon.
  • Silent's team has had enough flying-types to make a full-team (Shahinne, Copahue, Algira, Harriet, Pokéteco, Milena, Helios, Roc and a Xatu). He's not a Flying specialist.
    • He's not a Poison specialist either.
  • Silent might have been the one to install the original bulletin board system PEFE had, which he checks frequently.
  • By the time he was about 20 years old he had acquired strong (but not exceptional) resilience to Nidoran venom and other poisons.
  • It was also stated at some point that up to the first disbandment of Team Rocket, Silent looked up to Giovanni as a possible mentor figure.
  • Silent is banned on a technicality from South Mandarin Island in the Orange Islands for a period of five years starting at the OI Arc.
  • Of the named researchers and members of PEFE Silent was the oldest until the addition of Umbramatic with his actually‑yes‑really‑600‑years‑old.


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