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Jules Mendel is the secondary PC of Keys2tkingdom. At the time of his introduction, he was a new hire at the Goldenrod Branch of the PEFE.

Name: Jules Mendel
Nickname: Mendel
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromantic bisexual
Age: 27
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Ethnicity: White
Birthday: March 25, 1991
Trainer ID: -
Home: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Pokéform: Porygon
Starter: Hertz


Mendel grew up in a friendly environment in Floaroma Town with Mendel showing high mental aptitude from an early age. Around the time Mendel was going to register for his Pokemon license, Mendel found an old, yet fully functional Quick Ball abandoned on the side of a road. Mendel took the Quick ball and began to carry it around with him as a good luck charm. A short time later, successfully obtained his license on his first time. On the way home, Mendel tripped and the Quick Ball he had found rolled of a ledge - and right onto an unsuspecting Rotom. Mendel surprised, at this development, offered to be the Rotom's trainer, which the Rotom agreed to. Hence the Rotom was officially nicknamed Hertz and registered as Mendel's Starter.

Even after "catching" Hertz, Mendel showed little interest in Pokemon battles and coordination, preferring to study Pokemon rather than have them compete. Mendel would eventually go on to earn a Masters degrees in Pokemon Physiology. While in College, Mendel learned about the founders of the PEFE and admired their many papers and publication dealing with various studies on Pokemon and the work the founders did to promote human and Pokemon interaction. Mendel eventually decided that he wanted to work at PEFE in hopes of following in his idols footsteps.


Mendel is a cheerful and intellectual man with a relatively positive outlook and an enthusiastic work ethic. When assigned a project, Mendel tends to go well beyond what was actually expected of him, and Mendel does so without a second thought. Mendel also has a tendency to go off on long expository tangents, which has made him as many friends as it has driven people and pokemon off. Mendel is also extremely affected when he's starstruck.


Mendel is a moderately tall human with a lean build and has shoulder-length, light brown hair. Mendel wears a pair of frameless glasses due to having a sever astigmatism.

Further Details

Favorite Color: Yellow

Attribute: Not known to have one.

Aura/Obscura Affinity: None

Likes: Research, the PEFE, the higher ranking researchers of the PEFE.

Dislikes: Disappointing people, seeing Pokémon being hurt, redundancy

Battle Style: Paralyze them or put them to sleep then RUN LIKE HELL!

Travels with the J-Team

First Meeting

Mendel eventually secured a job at the PEFE Goldenrod Branch in the Pokemon Physiology Department were Mendel was asked by Silent and Ren to head up testing for Gamma's monese translator program to make sure it was fit for public distribution.

Hoenn-2 Arc

Coming soon.


  • Prototype PEFE Monese Translator
  • A Rotomdex

Mendel's Team





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