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Pokefutures Inc. was a company behind numerous ethics violations in the Angela region and elsewhere, under the guise of creating greater bonds between people and Pokémon. The founders of the PEFE ended up taking it down and incorporating its assets into their organization.


While it is unknown how exactly Pokefutures came into being, around the 90s it had gotten caught up in the bioengineering craze sweeping Angela at the time, and by 2007 it had what amounted to virtual complete control over the Angela region, the money being pumped into Pokefutures allowing it to expand into or acquire nearly every market in the region.

They teased work in synthesized organs, lifespan extension, human augmentation, and even vanity Eeveelutions, but they turned out to just be organ harvesting from mode-locked Ditto, use of Infinity Energy, and a "Drive" system powered by the lifeforce of Pokémon, respectively. Eventually they ended up using poachers to harvest mons from other regions, which brought them into conflict with the PEFE after they attempted to murder Tagg, Tracer, and Silent in Hoenn for witnessing them attempting to poach Altaria.

After subduing the poachers the three PEFE Founders found their truck with an obscure Angelan good luck symbol emblazoned on it, with Tangent finding out that it belonged to Pokefutures around Christmas of 2007. The following year the founders went to Angela and did a four-man raid on their main HQ in order to collect incriminating information. Tracer, Tangent, and Silent stayed behind while Tagg made it to a [Japanese] embassy in order to disseminate their information before it could be quashed.

Pokefutures was made defunct, but due to its fingers being in just about all of Angela's infrastructure, the PEFE Founders were forced to take its assets and become forced employees of Angela until 2018 in order to prevent economic freefall, which created the PEFE's modern incarnation.

Splinter Factions

Although the company's mothballed assets were placed under the formal ownership of PEFE, several renegade segments of its organizational structure continues to function. These remnants, often under the authority of researchers of high rank, still use much of the branding of the old company despite being functionally independent of one another. The splinter groups and their leaders occasionally come into conflict with J-Team affiliates. The reputation of their parent company and their own unethical practices have led even criminal groups like the Hunter's Guild to treat them as a pariah.

These factions often retain some industrial capacity to create FutureSeries servants.

Assets seized from Pokefutures remnants, as per the mandate, are the sole legal property and responsibility of PEFE. The people listed in this section have all worked for Pokefutures at some point in their lives. Those marked with a dagger (†) have since died.

Key People from Known Splinter Factions

This section includes people currently affiliated with Pokefutures. It also includes employees who have remained affiliated all their lives but have since died.

  • Albert Aloysius Voynich (Nominal CEO, last person to hold the position prior to the company's formal dissolution)
    • Wilbur
    • Madeline Kern
    • Dr. Elizabeth Tonio
  • Dr. Kane
  • Dr. North
  • Dr. Ezekiel (†)
  • Dr. Phineas Braun (†)
  • Kincade

Former Employees

A few former employees of Pokefutures resigned at some point in their lives, though not always for reasons related to the company's ethics violations.

Pokefutures in other universes


In the AU and all timelines derived from it, Pokefutures was much the same, but FutureOS didn't get catastrophically damaged like it was in the OU, so the non-Tangent Headmaster ended up re-purposing it as an AI in PEFE HQ up until its betrayal.


Pokefutures never came into being, and therefore the PEFE never got larger than its old HQ in Kanto.

Other Timelines

At least three timelines saw Pokefutures rise to dominance and take de facto control of Earth.


  • The lack of an é in Pokefuture's name is meant to represent their utter disrespect towards Pokémon.


Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Dr. al-Cygni - Professor Banana - Mendel - Echo

Non-Researcher Personnel:

Priscilla - Sterling - Sofia


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