PEFE Founders

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The PEFE Founders refer to the first four researchers of the organization, Tangent, Tagg, Tracer, and Silent, who met about a year before the events of Gen IV.


  • Due to their part in destabilizing Angela's economy while taking down Pokefutures, the Founders were forced to undergo a decade of servitude to the Angelan government, to end in 2018.

Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Dr. al-Cygni - Professor Banana - Mendel - Echo

Non-Researcher Personnel:

Priscilla - Sterling


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