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The PEFE HQ is the main headquarters of the PEFE, located on an island within the Sea of Kyogre. It was originally a creation of Pokefutures Inc. before being acquired by the PEFE Founders following their acquisition of their assets. It also serves as effectively the J-Team's non-mobile base with a number of modules reserved for their specific use.


The original HQ was a formerly abandoned building somewhere in Kanto, and where the PEFE Founders spent their time before taking down Pokefutures.


In the original timeline, and more so in the alternate timeline, PEFE HQ is modelled after the main facilities of Aperture Science (from the Portal franchise). Some of the modules are habitats conditioned for various kinds of Pokémon. They contain small populations that are essentially wild, thanks to the size and resilience of the place. Some of the other habitats comprise storage and cargo of containers, separate places for supplies, and tech that is going to the outside. (Pokéballs, etc) There are also some modules used to store and contain technology that was left there when the HQ was taken from Pokefutures. One of those habitats at least has been shown to have a couple of fields separated by hard glass panes and other barriers. The place itself is built as a compartmentalized system, where modules can be shifted and moved around via a special railing system. The cave the place is built around opens to an even larger cave system where Kyogre goes to rest sometimes, which goes at least a mile down. Pokémon are allowed to work and hang out somewhat in the storage and control modules. here are also conference modules where the staff gather to... well, conference. At least one of those has an auditorium. There's also Tangent's office. There is also at least one airport module conditioned as a helipad, and zeppelin docking is a thing. There's also a rec room and sports modules for things like Blitzball. There's even sections just for the J-Team.


  • Main Dome: -The majority of modules and the living quarters are located here.
  • Lower Dome: The modules here lack the flexibility of the ones above, only being able to move horizontally if at all, and at least one simulates the inside of a volcano.
  • PEFE Underground: A cavern system going at least a mile underground, the Scythermen are its main inhabitants, along with other subterranean Pokémon.


The main denizens of the main HQ are the PEFE's most trusted employees, both researchers and support staff. Due to the island's isolation, the vast majority are working there full time. Since the PEFE is a research facility, Pokémon from all over the world can be found in its modules, whether belonging to its researchers, or basically no different from wild Pokémon elsewhere in the world.


Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Dr. al-Cygni - Professor Banana - Mendel - Echo

Non-Researcher Personnel:

Priscilla - Sterling


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