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Name: ?
Nickname: Tracer
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: Unknown, but likely somewhere in his early 20s
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: unknown
Trainer ID: -
Home: Celadon City
Pokéform: Archen
Starter: Iggy

Tracer is a PEFE researcher hailing from Celadon City and one of the original four founders of the organization. Within the PEFE he is the head of the Psychology and Behavioral Analysis department.

Tracer in other universes


Tracer ended up being transformed into an Archen, eventually ending up with a Staraptor named Raptor from Sinnoh. After dying he ended up getting stuffed.

Another Universe

In this universe Tracer was born in Iccirus and took the place of the B/W protagonist, in this case the protagonist of the White version.


Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

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Tracer's Team
On Hand :Gene028Mini.pngAndre248Mini.pngZoltan142Mini.pngShaun181Mini.pngPepper154Mini.pngKat105Mini.png
At PEFE HQ : Iggy009Mini.pngSonny430Mini.pngCourtney521fMini.pngRiana519Mini.pngFrancis166Mini.pngCecil571Mini.png
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Another Universe : Dreyer584Mini.pngDahak623Mini.pngNimbus149Mini.pngTeala (Another Universe)621Mini.pngSimo620Mini.pngNatrix497Mini.png
As last seen in: Kalos