Nadia (Tracer)

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Nadia is Tracer's female Salamence, and an EX-Pokémon. Her existence is due to a paradox created by both Mew and Celebi's meddling.


  • Is currently in a relationship with Lake.
  • Nadia has disliked Hydreigon ever since she broke her wings with an Outrage during the Gold Conference.
  • Nadia appears to view Draca as an older sister.
  • Nadia, like nearly all of Tracer's Pokémon (and pretty much everymon, really), heavily dislikes Sonny and Courtney.
  • Nadia also has a strong dislike of Felis. Despite this, the two have been shipped by Sunny.


  • Helped defeat Scolipede's Hydreigon during the AU.
  • Beat Ho-oh alongside Lake. (Though Ho-oh was holding back.)
  • Eventually founded a settlement for Salamences adapted for swamp life (AU only).
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