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Draca is Tagg's female Salamence, and the second to last member to join his Hoenn team, who he caught with Steel at Meteor Falls, following a long search through the caves. Serious yet aloof in nature, she also happens to be fully fluent in Draconic, even knowing a couple of shouts.


Draca is serious yet at times aloof in nature, and also possesses a bit of a sardonic streak, though she also possesses a strong sense of justice like most if not all of Tagg's mons. She is also fairly scholarly as a result of growing up with traditionalists, and is fully fluent in Draconic, including the use of the Thu'um. Despite being at or nearly at Tongue status, Draca doesn't like to use the Thu'um except "in greatest need" due to it being handed down by Dialga and other dragon gods. Like all Salamence she loves flying and is skilled at it, being one of the few mons on the J-Team capable of making a nonstop flight from Kanto all the way to Sinnoh.


  • Birthday: Sometime in mid to late 2003
  • Age: 14
  • Met: Meteor Falls, Hoenn (Bagon)
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Ball: Ultra

Battle Strategy

Draca can either fight from afar with blasts of fire or a Dragon Pulse or up close and personal with her claws and teeth, but she always prefers to be airborne while fighting due to the 3-D space provided. When she does use the Thu'um the already formidable Salamence becomes even more so as her words command reality itself.

Known Techniques

  • TypeDark.gif Bite, Crunch, Hone Claws
  • TypeDragon.gif Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Outrage
  • TypeFire.gif Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Flamethrower
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeFlying.gif Fly
  • TypeNormal.gif Headbutt, Protect, Round



  • Helped Tagg beat the Hoenn League.
  • Helped defeat Missingno.
  • Stopped 'M when he was possessing Iris.
  • Helped defeat Scolipede's Hydreigon by using a double Draco Meteor in tandem with Hydreigon.
  • Attained Mega Evolution.


  • Draca was the first of Tagg's Hoenn mons to appear onscreen, not counting Cobalt.
  • Her Draconic name is Bomindokahviing, meaning "Flying Scholar Wing."


Hypothetical representation of Draca wearing a Pokémon to human armband.

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