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The J-Team (and a few others) as of the end of 2012. ( http://fav.me/d5rwv05? )

The J-Team is the collective term for the majority of the trainers in WAAPT, being the group most belong to. It is also the name of a television show about their adventures.


The J-Team was originally a group of random trainers who traveled together and ended up fighting the Glitch Pokémon Missingno and 'M. The term was originally an unofficial designation created by fans of the group since Jane appeared to be the effective leader of the J-Team to outsiders, eventually leading to it being co-opted following the events of the AU Arc.

Founding Members


The J-Team, despite appearances, lacks an official leader, as the group is mainly loosely held together by individual friendships and shared experiences. It's common for all the J-Team members not to even be in the same place at once. However, in practice, the effective leader happens to be Tagg as he happens to be one of the senior J-Team members and often sets up team conduct.



  • Numerous individual pacts with various legends.
  • The resources of the PEFE.
  • The Stormchaser.

Achievements (As a Group)

  • Slew the Glitches Missingno and 'M with the help of the legendaries.
  • Stopped Cipher's Shadow plot in Almia.
  • Defeated Cyrus in order to get back the OU when it was turned into the AU and free the majority of the legends.
  • Defeated Noir and Nihilist!Tagg inside a fusion of Tagg and Tracer's mindscapes.
  • Saved Hoenn from being blown up by the Mt. Pyre supervolcano.
  • Saved Sinnoh from Annoski's Twilight.
  • Stopped the fusion of the Waking and Dream Worlds in Unova.
  • Stopped Cipher's multityping plot in Holon.
  • Broke Cipher in Orre.
  • Defeated the Illusion Project in a campaign across Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia.
  • Slew the Flickering Thing.
  • Stopped Necrozma from stealing Kanto's light.
  • Defeated Izaya!Mobius and The Fanatic in tandem with a multiversal alliance.


The J-Team circa 2011, by Pikaninja7.