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The J-Team TV Show is, as its name suggests, a show chronicling the adventures of the J-Team. It was produced without input from any of them, and has some inaccuracies.

As of the Orre arc, it is known to have strayed completely from the actual events of the J-Team's travels. A spin-off called The J-Team's True Orren Tale was made by a fan in an effort to rectify this. DS has been trying to make a fantasy reboot of the show.

Known Episodes


  • Katie is known as the "Red Ranger".
  • Team Glacier is a major threat, and Pianis, as one of its admins, was a villain until he reformed at the end of the original Hoenn arc.
  • Mezzo actually is a witch.
  • Shadow lost an ear in the Armortomb attack that broke Forte's arm in the Infinity Keystone Arc.
  • The show does not appear to know about the existence of the Alternate Timeline, but has been to the PMD-A universe.
  • Jacob is a villain rather than a protagonist, though he is viewed more sympathetically by the show's fans.
  • Luke and Lake both ride motorcycles, and the latter is far more violent.
  • Instead of Nico being bullied for his powers, he bullied people with his powers.
  • Despite being a minor character, Forte is never mentioned by name, being referred to only as Mezzo's brother. Mezzo's other siblings' names are mentioned as normal.
  • Icicle is far more serious than in reality.
  • Unite dual wields submachine guns.
  • Tori's minor crush on Duke is overblown into an outright obsession.
  • Lane's self-esteem issues are exaggerated into him being a full-on doormat.