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Name: Sam
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 18
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: March 8
Home: Viridian City
Pokéform: Aipom
Starter: Guinevere/Gwen (Nidoran Female)

Sam is an 18-year-old breeder from Viridian City, Kanto. After repeated losses to Sabrina, he quit the league challenge and took up Pokemon Breeding instead.




Sam grew up in Viridian City, Kanto. at the age of 15, he caught a Nidoran female and went on his own pokemon journey. After repeated losses to Sabrina, he decided the gym challenge wasn't for him and decided to travel, raising new and interesting pokemon to their full potential.


Sam is a light hearted goof who's always looking for his next adventure. He loves pulling pranks and trolling, making him a bit of a wild card. He often travels alone but loves joining people on their journeys to see what happens. He's passionate about raising pokemon, and despises seeing them abused.


  • Assisted in Liberating Unity Island from Deltas control
  • Assisted in Raids on the Cipher Storage facility and Resources HQ
  • Is the only trainer on the J-Team with the title of "Breeder"


  • Is currently in a relationship with Tesse.
  • Sam views Herbert as his best friend.
  • Considers everyone on the J-Team to be his friend in some degree.
  • Has nothing but respect for Eskay, and considers him/her to be the Teams leader.
  • Sam had a crush on Carol for a while till he realized she was more like a sister to him then anything. They remain close friends.
  • Sam adores his fans, despite a traumatizing event that happened at J-Con 2013.
  • Sam and Tagg don't know eachother well, but are on good terms.
  • Sam really likes Tesses upbeat, rambunctious attitude. That and she's totally nuts.
  • Left for a few months due to the passing of his grandfather.
  • Sam likes Jacob and considers him a friend, no matter what drama comes up.


  • Sam has a twin sister named Becca.
  • Sam can speak in Wing Dings.
  • Sam has never become the Champion of a region due to not caring about gym battles.
  • Sam didn't start out with a traditional starter, he caught a Nidoran Female on Route 22.
  • Sam finally met a legendary pokemon, Sylva the Phione.
  • Sam is the only Trainer who owns or has owned a Jynx.
  • Once kissed Herbert as a joke.
  • Can hear beyond the Fourth Wall thanks to Kaminari biting his ear.
  • His aura is light blue with a dark blue tinge.
Sam's Team
On Hand : Grace124Mini.pngDelta416Mini.pngEdward149Mini.pngEneru125Mini.pngKion232Mini.pngLeo560Mini.png
Boxed : Pele555Mini.pngOz426Mini.png Leviathan130Mini.pngJewel133Mini.pngAlejandro128Mini.pngKimmy142Mini.png
As last seen in: Pyrite Town, Orre