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Edward is Sam's Dragonight.


Age: 3 months

Gender: Male

Ability: Shed Skin

Nature: Timid

Known Moves: Thunderwave, Slam, Twister, Agility


Edward is very shy and soft spoken. He tends to cling to those who can protect him and gets nervous in battle. However, his time with Sam is building his confidence.

Achievements and Events

-Fought against Elesa for the Bolt badge. Took down her Flaaffy but was recalled do to low health.

-Fought against Mammor. He was knocked out by his Shadow Dragonair.

Sam's Team
On Hand : Grace124Mini.pngDelta416Mini.pngEdward149Mini.pngEneru125Mini.pngKion232Mini.pngLeo560Mini.png
Boxed : Pele555Mini.pngOz426Mini.png Leviathan130Mini.pngJewel133Mini.pngAlejandro128Mini.pngKimmy142Mini.png
As last seen in: Pyrite Town, Orre