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Mammor (full name: Brent Mammor) is reoccurring villain in We Are All Pokemon Trainers controlled by Keys2tkingdom. Prior to Cipher's defeat in the Orre arc, he was a Commander under Tokarev. After Cipher's defeat in Orre, Mammor was hired by Titan as an Admin for Neo-Galactic. Mammor eventually became Leader of Neo Galactic after a coup in the Ranger Regions-2 arc, although this was very temporary. His Current whereabouts are unknown.


Full Name: Brent Mammor
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30s
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Sinnoh
Birthday: Unknown
Current Residence: Unknown
Affiliation: Neo-Galactic (current) and Cipher (previous)


Mammor is about 5' 10" and of a light build. Cold grey eyes and a high cold voice. Mammor has a similar dark grey hair is a style similar to Ein's, but without the antenna. While employed at Cipher, his attire consisted of dress pants and shirts with a coat similar to Snattle's - all in a grey and black color scheme. Mammor also had a custom set of Peon/ Commander armor that was extremely dark in color and had a long coat motif.


Mammor is amoral, manipulative, ruthless, and condescending to those he deems "fools". Mammor's biggest weakness is extreme thirst for vengeance drives many of his actions to the point he is blinded to everything else. Like many other villains in WAAPT, Mammor sees Pokemon as little more than tools that are to be used and discarded at will, seeing mon as having baseline sentience.


As a Cipher Commander, Mammor was in line for a promotion to Admin until one of his plans failed miserably. Due to that mistake he was shunned sideways for more "competent" Cipher Commanders. Embittered by this, Mammor used those feelings of bitterness to claw his way back to his previous standing within Cipher over the course of several years. Mammor is currently one of the commanders tasked with procuring funds and materials for Cipher's operations.

During the the Orre Arc he was a Commander serving under Tokarev. Upon Learning that several Members of the J-Team had considerable wealth to their names, Mammor proposed a plane to extort money from them to Tokarev. With his plans approved Mammor first target was Ren. With the help of Aelia, Mammor succeeded in capturing Ren, Kitsune, and the rest of his team that were on hand. Mammor left Ren locked in a cell in the Operations HQ where he let Aelia and Odin torture Ren to hopefully force Ren to Allow Cipher unrestricted access to the Clavis family's accounts. However this plan fell through when Mammor told Ren that he was the one who was behind the assault that had left Ren's left leg barely usable. This news angered Ren to the point where his mind was utterly focused, which allowed Ren to stage an escape from Cipher. During the escape, Ren repaid Mammor for the assault by stabbing Mammor left leg, and ruining it. As a response to his Left leg being ruined, Mammor had it replaced by a cybernetic one. After failing in his plans, Mammor was admonished and verbally humiliated by Tokarev.

In the climax of the Orre Arc, almost all of Mammor's past and recent actions came back to bite him, as he'd made himself the enemy of other J-Team Members and their allies, including Pentigan, Sam, Tesse, Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX, Lady Black, and Jack. The resulting confrontation left Mammor severely injured and utterly defeated. As a result of this defeat, Mammor has become fixated on killing the J-Team, starting with Ren. Due to Cipher's hold being broken in Orre, Titan started to form Team Neo-Galactic. Aelia, now going by the Alias "Io", offered Mammor a interview to join Team Neo-Galactic. Mammor, needing protection and a way to ensure that he could carry out his revenge, accepted Io's invitation and was accepted into Neo-Galactic and offered the position of Admin by Titan.

Through out the Kalos Arc Mammor, now a Team Neo-Galactic Admin, offered to help keep tabs on Illusion. This was only a half truth however, as Mammor wanted to monitor the J-Team in hopes of being able to kill a few of them - despite Titan's orders not to engage with the J-Team. This plan however was quashed due to Crow, in his Murkrow pokeform, seeing Mammor's plans for his traps to kill Ren and a few others.

During the Ranger Regions-2 Arc, Mammor was stationed in Fiore, where he had been assigned to gather intel and hopefully hinder and/or quash the superheroes who have suddenly become active in the region. In this capacity, Mammor delivered a crushing defeat to Jason Maxwell, who had adopted the superhero persona of the Blue Emperor before being chased away by the Auric Avenger.

Mammor eventually would rise to power and claim Leadership of Neo-Galactic after a coup d'etat staged by the Neo-Galactic Admins. Now in a position of real power, Mammor reformed Neo-Galactic and vowed to exteerminate the J-Team. However, this plan and desire for revenge would lead to his final downfall. After Kidnapping Kitsune and demanding Ren meet him in what was an obvious trap. In a remote area of the Serka Range, Mammor had constructed an area with anti-teleportation and anti-Protect technology around a raised stone formation. When a small group of J-Team Members lead by Ren arrived, Ren challenged Mammor atop the platform as the rest of the group combated the Neo-Galactic Grunts. Using the Cipher Snag Machine that Diane had used to test Snag-proofing Pokeballs, Ren Snagged Both Mammor's Shadow Ninjask and his Shadow Natu. The Loss of his Shadow enraged Mammor who after commanding hi troops to withdraw, detonated the white phosphorus-based fire bombs he had planted through out the battlefield and beneath the area where Ren stood. How ever in the moment of perceived victory, Mammor neglected to notice that the group had survived his trap as well as finally allowing Ren to discover what activated His Galvanic Bracelet. Ren, now in his Pokeform, demanded Mammor Surrender. But Mammor, unaware that the Braixen was Ren, attacked Kitsune, prompting Ren to evolve into a Delphox to retaliate.

Fully evolved and gaining the Psychic-type Ren shocked Mammor with his true Identity and destroying Mammor's Laser whip before Psychically pushing Mammor off the stone pillar where karma from Mammor's Past actions started to catch up with in in full - Lady Black Warning him against any further actions, Kyrie breaking Mammor's nose, Jason draining his aura, Dez inflicting the fear Mammor's victims had felt, Crow and Pent also getting a shot in before Rio broke all the bones in Mammor's right arm and delivering an Blaze Kick to his side, before being confronted by Pribcess Devilotte Deathsatan XI - now a Delta Gardevoir - and her entourage of Elite Steel-type Deltas. Princess Devilotte showed Mammor his worst fear - a future where he was nothing but a forgotten memory and all those he hated lived happy an full lives - before firing a Hyper beam at him at point-blank range, destroying his cybernetic leg and scarring the man into insanity.

Mammor was last seen a broken shell of a man with a broken mind to match being taken away as a prisoner of House Deathsatan and his exact whereabouts are currently unknown, although it is likely he is captive somewhere in Holon.


Due to his personality, Mammor doesn't have any mon of his own anymore. He prefers to use the extra Shadow Pokemon Cipher has swapping them out as needed as he see them little more than tools. However, as of the end of the Orre arc, Mammor has a Shadow Ninjask and a Shadow Natu that he used until the end of the Ranger Regions-2 Arc, when they where snagged by Ren.

  • Shadow Natu: Mammor's main method of transportation and interrogation as well as being his defensive mon. It only "speaks" in short - often derisive - sentences using telepathy.
    • Shadow Moves:
      • Shadow Wave
      • Shadow Storm
      • Shadow Shed
      • Shadow Sky
  • Shadow Ninjask: Mammor's offensive mon. A very aggressive mon which doesn't speak at all.
    • Shadow Moves:
      • Shadow Storm
      • Shadow Rave
      • Shadow Blast
      • Shadow Down


  • Mammor is a consummate businessman; a skilled combatant in the use of a whip; a capable tactician and demolitions technician; and also highly skilled in hacking, virus development, and gathering of intelligence.
  • Mammor's laser whip originates from the Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe series, being a handle that channels energy into a special material.
  • Mammor had a cybernetic left leg.
    • Although it was destroyed in his battle against the J-Team in the Ranger Region-2 arc.
  • Although Mammor would never admit it to anyone, but he practiced various types of sinister laughs when nobody was around.