Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX

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The Princess and heir to the holdings of the Deathsatan Family, an ancient line of Ralts-line Pokémon that have lived in Holon since at least six hundred years ago. She, like her father and mother, is a Steel/Psychic Delta Pokémon. As well, she seems to have a sort of "Personal Magnetism" (no pun intended) that draws Steel-Type Deltas to her service.


The Princess is demanding, somewhat arrogant, bossy, and loud. She has a soft spot for those that help her above and beyond what is expected by her, however, and truly cares for her subject's wellbeing, even if it is hidden behind a veneer of royal stuck up-ness.

Basic History

The Princess inherited her title after her parents died of the Steel-Type disease colloquially known as Metal Rot. While she has yet to claim a husband (and thus the rights to the rest of her family's holdings), she has nonetheless gathered a large following of Steel-Type Deltas and mundanes. She rarely interacts with the humans of Holon, eyeing them with suspicion at best and contempt at worst, though exceptions aren't unheard of.

Recent Interactions

Princess Devilotte was followed by Hildr for a time, due to one of her vassals stealing a crown from Dune. She was also followed by Sage, who found her and her group interesting, and Rio, Pierre, and Dirus after a teleporting accident. Her current whereabouts and activities are unknown, aside from uncharacteristically dropping off a present at Ren's Birthday party.

She later appeared in Orre after one of her many long-distance scouts reported that there was a disturbance amongst the group. She met Rio, who was currently is a severe depression, and after learning that Pierre had been taken as well, she flew into a rage and declared war on Cipher as a whole. She eventually was the catalyst for Rio's recovery after Ren's return, and continued to watch from the shadows afterwards.