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"I am Hildr! And you, savage beast, are nothing to me! "

General Info

Species: Donphan (Caught as a Phanpy)

Typing: TypeIce.gif/TypeSteel.gif

Gender: Female

Age: 11 Months

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Heatproof

Obtained: Entralink

Ball: Quick Ball

Name Basis: One of the Norse Valkyries.

Hidden Power Form: Fire-Type, high power, beam fired from trunk

Type Effectiveness Chart

Due to Hildr's odd typing, here is a simplified chart of type effectiveness against her.

  • 4x Effectiveness: TypeFighting.gif
  • 2x Effectiveness: TypeFire.gif (Due to ability), TypeGround.gif
  • 1x Effectiveness: TypeWater.gif, TypeElectric.gif, TypeRock.gif, TypeSteel.gif, TypeGhost.gif, TypeDark.gif
  • 1/2x Effectiveness: TypeNormal.gif, TypeFlying.gif, TypeGrass.gif, TypePsychic.gif, TypeBug.gif, TypeDragon.gif, TypeFairy.gif
  • 1/4x Effectiveness: TypeIce.gif
  • 0x Effectiveness: TypePoison.gif

Basic History

Hildr was a young Phanpy that was accidentally thrust into the waking world during the climax of the Dream Rift Incident. After being found by Selene, she willingly joined Dune's team under the mistaken assumption that Dune was her father. She is currently trying to get used to her new, very different form.


After catching a Pawniard stealing the crown gifted to Dune from Ren, Hildr pursued the thief all the way back to his camp. There, the crown was commandeered by Princess Devilotte until Hildr could prove that she was "responsible" enough to carry the ancient artifact. After much shenanigans, Hildr not only befriended the normally-distant Princess, but also retrieved Dune's crown. She then reunited with Dune.

During the raid on the Forest Lab, Hildr was separated from the group and was cornered by a Haxorus. In a moment of resolve, she evolved into a Donphan. However, due to prolonged exposure to Holon's magnetic radiation, she became a Delta, gaining the Ice/Steel typing.

Known Techniques

(Note: List not yet comprehensive)

  • TypeElectric.gif: Thunder Fang
  • TypeGrass.gif: Seed Bomb
  • TypeIce.gif: Ice Ball, Icicle Crash, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Icicle Spear
  • TypeNormal.gif: Defense Curl, Odor Sleuth, Rapid Spin, Scary Face
  • TypeRock.gif: Rock Polish, Rock Slide
  • TypeSteel.gif: Heavy Slam, Autotomize, Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Metal Sound


  • Hildr was the first Dream World Pokémon that also happened to be a Delta Pokémon. This is reflected by her odd Ability.
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Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc