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<The Power of Love shall conquer all!>

General Info

Species: Aurorus

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years (biologically)

Nature: Gentle

Ability: Refrigerate

Obtained: Phenac City, Silph Labs

Ball: Pokéball

Name Basis: Angel of Love and Secondary Character of Disgaea 1 and Disgaea D2.

Hidden Power Form: Grass, Miniature Solar Beam

Basic History

Flonne originally came into Dune's possession as a mysterious fossil gifted to him from his friend Ren. She is flighty, lightheaded, and day dreamy, even during combat situations. She sees Love as both a force of nature and the solution to all of the world's ills, though she has some trouble trying to remember that it is not the best solution when under attack.

Dune's Team
On Hand : Galvani462Mini.pngRill260Mini.pngAlisaie029Mini.png*Kars050aMini.pngSvarog157Mini.png
With The Stormchaser : Garuda561Mini.pngBig Dom623Mini.png*Selene036Mini.pngAjax248Mini.pngHildr232Mini.pngCun Annwn508Mini.pngFlanagan553Mini.pngChamploo448Mini.pngVega530Mini.pngAnja549Mini.pngLaharl697Mini.pngFlonne699Mini.pngZeus618Mini.pngCandace169Mini.pngEos303Mini.pngEtna136Mini.pngAlexandrine328Mini.png
Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc