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<Wanna bet?>

General Info

Species: Krookodile

Gender: Male

Age: 1 year

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Anger Point

Obtained: Entralink

Ball: Ultra Ball

Name Basis: None.

Hidden Power Form: Unknown

Basic History

Flanagan was usually not a fighter, despite his ability. He usually let's others do the fighting while he makes a profit. He has a natural affinity for numbers and statistics, and always seem to know more than he lets on. Like fellow teammates Hildr and Zeus, Flanagan was accidentally dropped into the Entralink when a huge Dream Portal opened up. He panicked, and ended up getting caught by Dune.

Dune's Team
On Hand : Galvani462Mini.pngRill260Mini.pngAlisaie029Mini.png*Kars050aMini.pngSvarog157Mini.png
With The Stormchaser : Garuda561Mini.pngBig Dom623Mini.png*Selene036Mini.pngAjax248Mini.pngHildr232Mini.pngCun Annwn508Mini.pngFlanagan553Mini.pngChamploo448Mini.pngVega530Mini.pngAnja549Mini.pngLaharl697Mini.pngFlonne699Mini.pngZeus618Mini.pngCandace169Mini.pngEos303Mini.pngEtna136Mini.pngAlexandrine328Mini.png
Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc