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<Hai~ I'm adorable, do you have any pudding?>

General Info

Species: Flareon

Gender: Female

Age: 5 years

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Flash Fire

Obtained: Cyllage City

Ball: Love Ball

Name Basis: Secondary character of Disgaea 1, 2, and D2

Hidden Power Form: Unknown

Basic History

Etna was an Eevee that had one love in life: using her cuteness to get free food from humans. That is, until she met her second love: using her cuteness to get free sweets from humans, pudding in particular. She joined Dune's team after being offered as many brownies, cupcakes, and other treats as she could eat.

Just don't bring up her weight.

Dune's Team
On Hand : Galvani462Mini.pngRill260Mini.pngAlisaie029Mini.png*Kars050aMini.pngSvarog157Mini.png
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Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc