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<You'll be seeing red... by the time I'm done with you.>

General Info

Species: Excadrill

Gender: Male

Age: 12 years

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Sand Rush

Obtained: Cipher Base (Shadow)

Ball: Ultra Ball

Name Basis: The star Vega, which is surrounded by a cloud of space dust. (Meta: The Spanish ninja of the Street Fighter series)

Hidden Power Form: Flying-Type, spinning air scythes launched from the claws

Basic History

Originally owned by a Team Snagem member, Vega was taken by Cipher at a young age. He was Shadowed, and eventually found his way into Odin's possession. He was Snagged by Dune during a double battle alongside Ammy.

Vega was eventually Purified, evolving into an Excadrill in the process. He has developed a taste for gourmet foods, and is Champloo's favorite customer.

Dune's Team
On Hand : Galvani462Mini.pngRill260Mini.pngAlisaie029Mini.png*Kars050aMini.pngSvarog157Mini.png
With The Stormchaser : Garuda561Mini.pngBig Dom623Mini.png*Selene036Mini.pngAjax248Mini.pngHildr232Mini.pngCun Annwn508Mini.pngFlanagan553Mini.pngChamploo448Mini.pngVega530Mini.pngAnja549Mini.pngLaharl697Mini.pngFlonne699Mini.pngZeus618Mini.pngCandace169Mini.pngEos303Mini.pngEtna136Mini.pngAlexandrine328Mini.png
Boxed: None
As last seen in: Entralink Arc

Odin's Team
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Given/Taken Away : Regina282Mini.pngCrewe215Mini.png
Snagged : Avada 065Mini.pngLyn 127Mini.pngVega 530Mini.png
Controlled: Ilya 646WMini.png
Adopted: Mr. Bitey 303Mini.pngOrthrus 229Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2