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Regina is a female Gardevior, and Jacob's starter. She is by far the most powerful member of his team, and is named after the Latin word for queen, and is in fact pronounced as such with a hard g.

Artwork of Jacob and Regina by ky-nim


Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 15, 2001

Nature: Modest

Ability: Synchronize

Met: Route 102

Ball: Poké

Favorite Move: Stored Power

Likes: Battling, reading, civil conversation, having fun

Dislikes: Jerks, arrogance, conflict, boredom


Regina looks like a normal Gardevoir.


Regina is a soft spoken, somewhat submissive, but strong willed Gardevoir. She wants to live comfortably and enjoyably with other beings, not at all liking spending time alone. She is generally warm and caring, save for when she is angered, which can be trigged in a variety of different manners, though somewhat difficult to do.

Abilities In Battle

Regina is extremely proficient in battle, with over a decade of experience and five of those years were spent with every day fighting in tournaments. She can use a wide variety of moves, but is generally powerful enough to bludgeon her opponents with her strong Psychic abilities.


Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypePsychic.gif Psychic Natural ★★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Stored Power Natural ★★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Calm Mind Natural ★★★★ Only used really for Stored Power, Regina is powerful without any buffs on her own
TypePsychic.gif Heal Pulse Natural ★★ While usable, Regina is rarely used for support
TypeFighting.gif Focus Blast TM ★★★★
TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt TM ★★★
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball TM ★★★
TypeFire.gif Fire Punch Move Tutor ★★ Rarely used. She's pathetic, physically, and only uses it for type effectiveness
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Regina


Hatched relatively days before the abduction of her parents and subsequent capture, Regina's pre-trainer past is a blur to her. She spent a long time as Jacob's only Pokémon as he battled in tournaments to feed himself and her, generally only scraping by, though even as a Ralts, she was surprisingly powerful. Not much has been remembered as her time as a Kirla, aside from the fact that some sort of event went on that embarasses her and Jacob. After her evolution to a Gardevoir, she was able to completely destroy most opponents, being Jacob's only Pokémon used during his entire Hoenn Gym challenge and League challenge. Her abilities were reduced to normal levels after an accident.


She is currently dating Sakura's Scizor, Seth, who are both acting as the adoptive parents for Sylva.

She, as the head of his team, gets along well with generally all of Jacob's team.

She gets along well with Jacob, having lived with him for most of his and her own life, and also helps him deal with his constant nightmares.

Jacob's Team
On Hand: Regina282Mini.pngArgentum376Mini.pngDiscord248Mini.pngPest169Mini.pngVoidstar461Mini.pngP-1625Mini.png
Boxed: None
As last seen in: Alola

Rose's Team
On Hand : Domino022Mini.png*Nora026aMini.pngPixie059Mini.pngSadie750Mini.png
Released : Krinon346Mini.pngSadaro461Mini.png
Given Away : Regina282Mini.png
Lost via Snagging : Prism468Mini.pngZoroark571Mini.pngClaydol344Mini.png Heatran485Mini.pngDiane398Mini.pngHyp409Mini.png
Unknown : Ivysaur002Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola

Lawrence's Team
On Hand: Epsilon464Mini.pngIota376Mini.pngOmega392Mini.png
Temporarily Owned: Regina282Mini.pngCrewe215Mini.png
Betrayed By: Sidious065Mini.png
Released: Alpha373Mini.pngBeta430Mini.pngGamma635Mini.pngOmicron477Mini.png
As last seen in: PEFE HQ