Heatran (Mt. Battle)

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General Info

Species: Heatran

Gender: Male

Age: Eons

Nature: Mild

Ability: Flash Fire

Basic History

The Heatran of Mt. Battle is quiet, especially when compared to other Heatran - he keeps the volcano active, so as to allow it's geothermal energy to be harnessed by the humans of Orre. Despite untold ages of residence in the volcano, he has little involvement in the region as a whole, and the Fog of the Ages has left him more than a little puzzled at more recent technological developments, such as the Mt. Battle facility.

He might have something to do with the old tales of Orre's destruction in ages past via volcanic eruption, but that is not something he wishes revisited.

Rose's Team
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Released : Krinon346Mini.pngSadaro461Mini.png
Given Away : Regina282Mini.png
Lost via Snagging : Prism468Mini.pngZoroark571Mini.pngClaydol344Mini.png Heatran485Mini.pngDiane398Mini.pngHyp409Mini.png
Unknown : Ivysaur002Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola

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