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Yveltal with an odd effect to her eye, by autobottesla.
Yveltal in female human form (Yvonne). (Commission by ky-nim.)
Yveltal in male human form (Yvan), with Anthony's skull. (Commission by Audrey Greenhalgh.)

Yveltal, also known as Lady Death (or sometimes Lord Death), is a member of Kalos' Vitality Trio alongside Xerneas and Zygarde, and within said trio is the embodiment/deity of death, destruction, and change, and aligned with Hearts of Gold. In addition to her usual form of a massive red bird of prey she can disguise herself as other creatures; her most common disguise is a human known as Yvonne, but she's also taken the form of more innocuous birdmons such as Starly, and on few occasions when aligned as male goes by Yvan as a human.


  • Yveltal is very fond of Shahinne, considering her a kindred spirit of sorts, and both are very fond of [nuts]. Yveltal once gave her a bag of souls.
  • Yveltal has a burning hatred for Straw due to his countless instances of cheating death, to the point of threatening him personally and scheming ways to "get" him.
  • Yveltal has a rivalry with Levi over Salvador and teasing and trickery on Levi's end.
  • Yveltal has a close sibling bond with Xerneas, though dynamic depends on latter's persona; in his wiser and generally more polite Xylander persona she very much appreciates him being more mature and responsible and not constantly teasing her but greatly disdains his "need" to have the upper hand in an argument, whereas in his more impish and mischievous Xander persona she finds his irresponsibility plus his teasing and trolling towards her thoroughly obnoxious, but finds him vastly preferable to deal with in a disagreement or when otherwise angered due to his more lax nature. Both love and care for each other regardless, though.


  • Yveltal can't stand white wine because it tastes too much like the soul of a good-hearted person to her.
  • When it comes to playing games with mortals for their souls, Yveltal refuses to play chess due to its clicheness or tabletop roleplaying games due to one particular incident; she's recently become fond of sufficiently voilent video games as an alternative.
  • Yveltal is 5'11 as Yvonne and 6'3 as Yvan.


Bust of Yvan, . (Commission by Sheepily.)
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