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Sandy, the gentle Groudon. (Commission by autobottesla.)

Sandy, also known as Santiago Baltasar Ruiz de Tierra or Buggle, is an apotheosized Groudon and one of the Weather Mini-Trio. Along with Levi\Depthcharge he found a way to revert to his human form via experimentation upon which he took his current name. After an incident in Mauville with New Mauville, Zigzagoon, and pizza songs, he realized that he also used to be human, but was apotheosized by Groudon Cultists well before the RP's events.

Gender: Male

Age: 62, appears 32

Place of Birth: [Puerto Ángel], [Mexico]

Birthday: TBA

Ethnicity: Afro-Mexican [Oaxacan]

Starter: Alebrije the Nidoking

Ability (As a Groudon): Drought


  • Is one of the mini-Weather Trio, along with Levi and Vyvyan.


  • Sandy's damaged knee in mon form is the result of a workplace injury sustained while working at Sea Mauville back when he was human.
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