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Darkrai is the legendary Pokémon that lives in the New Moon Island who isolates himself in there to prevent his ability of causing nightmares to harm others, however, it's ability plus the fact that his abilities still manage to affect some people resulted in him getting a bad reputation amongst society. As a NPC, he's handled by FullMoon


Despite what others may say, Darkrai is a benign Pokémon who is more willing to help than harm. He's fairly stoic and quiet, which can be a bit unnerving for some. He's polite and very calm and collected most of the time and also kind-hearted.


Darkrai has a rather odd friendship with Lyuri. He enjoys the company of the girl and she also gives him company as he otherwise spends most of his time alone. Lyuri is fairly awkward around him, but not because of his reputation, instead it stems from his position as a legendary. Despite this, they get along fine and Lyuri is very casual around him still and spends a lot of time chatting with him when she visits him. Darkrai also has an habit of surprising her and anyone else who accompanies her by appearing out of nowhere, whether he does this as a playful prank or if it's just coincidental is unknown.

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