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"Nix" is an NPC, a female Ho-oh chick and Current!Ho-Oh's offspring. She interacts with various Pokémon and when visiting Johto she disguises herself as a Pidgey. She has stated that she dislikes the disguise and doesn't understands its purpose, though Ho-Oh teaches her.

In the far future of the alternate timeline, mon-based PMD-B, Nix has become the Current Ho-Oh and lords over Johto from "Her Perch" atop the Bell Tower. Presumably Johto Nidoran worship her as Frithrah as they did with her father. PMD-B mons hold a "Festival" at a schrödingered date in Her honour, called Nixfest.

Nix allied herself with Kai in their final Frontier Brain test, and lets herself be called upon for Frontier Symbol matches much like the other Frontier Brains do with other Legendary Pokémon.

Nix considers Spectrum her aunt, despite presumably being older than her.

NPC Handlers: Luke924, BittersweetNSour.

An interpretation of Nix also appears in the Suocéverse, also under the custody of that continuity's interpretation of Spectrum, in the story hist/Simpler than Magic[㏜].

See also: Pleo.

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