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The Suocéverse is a universe or multiverse separated from but still intertwined to the WAAPT multiverse, potentially closer to a cousin in structural relationship. The Suocéverse universe would probably have started existing on its own, but a connection to the OU WAAPTverse (at least) would have been formed a some point in the very far past and maintained offscreen via the Entralink.

Being part of a sort of shared continuity with both PEFE and WAAPT, the two 'verses follow some of the same creation and narrative patterns. There are characters such as Pokémon shared across the universes, to the point characters from one universe cameo in the other as reinterpretations every once in a while. Suocéverse!Inka at least has shown in the WAAPTverse.

The Suocéverse is maintained by User:VeniaSilente and has its own site.

Key Commonalities

  • Pokémon like Arceus and the Creation and Lake trios exist at the divine level.
  • Features such as Pokémon EX exist in both 'verses, though their interpretation can differ at points.
  • The backstory of Pokefutures and PEFE also exists in the same general frame. In particular, the four PEFE founders exist in both continuities.

Key Differences

  • It is likely but not confirmed that the far past of the Suocéverse is markedly different from the WAAPTverse as the Suocéverse has gone through a number of geological eras and mass extinction events, some of them engineered such as the Purges.
  • It is undetermined if the J-Team exists but if it did, it would have a markedly different structure and mission (if any).


  • [meta] The Suocéverse is the shared setting for all of User:VeniaSilente's Pokémon fandom works except where noted otherwise. This also applies retroactively to works created before the release of the wiki.
  • The category Category:Characters Appearing in the Suocéverse showcases the various characters from WAAPT or a shared setting who cameo in the Suocéverse in some form. Most of them have their dedicated page in the Suocéverse wiki.

A listing of WAAPT characters that also show up in the Suocéverse in some capacity - such as User:VeniaSilente's own character creations that have also featured in WAAPT (such as Eltenios) or otherwise cameos and guest stars when they are not User:VeniaSilente's playable ones. For a listing of guest stars see Guest Starring[㏜].