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Inka is Silent's Nidorina and his original Starter Pokémon. She was given to him as part of a "Pick-á-Mon" day at school over 8 years before the foundation of PEFE. Her origins before that are pretty much unknown.

At present, Inka is retired from active duty at least in the main timeline; her firstborn, Maekrite, is taking her place as Silent's Starter Pokémon.


Notable movepool:

  • TypePoison.gif Poison Sting (single-target or spread), Poison Jab
  • TypeFighting.gif Superpower (AU only)
  • TypeFlying.gif Peck
  • TypeGround.gif Dig
  • TypeIce.gif Ice Beam (by Gen2 Tutor)
  • TypeNormal.gif LEER (Gen 2 version), Defense Curl, Fury Swipes, Mega Kick (custom), Spike Armor (TCG), Skull Bash
  • TypeWater.gif Water Pulse (by TM), one of her best performing techniques.

Nidoqueen-stage movepool:

  • TypeGround.gif Earth Power (by tutor). Might function as her Concurrence.
  • TypeNormal.gif Hyper Beam (by TM).
  • TypeIce.gif Blizzard (by TM) (AU-exclusive).
  • TypeFire.gif Fire Blast (by Gen1 TM).

Inka's Ability is Poison Point. Could, in theory, make use Motherly Pheromone in the AU, if there ever comes the need for it.

Water Pulse is one of the techniques Inka is experienced with the most - like Algira, Inka can hold the orb to blunt incoming attacks; she can also slam dunk the orb against an opponent adequately placed, in the style of Rock Howard's Rasetsu / Rage Run, and can dispel the orb (losing the gathered energy) if she needs to recover mobility.

Overall Inka's Poison-type moves are a bit less precise than Maekrite's, but her Poison Sting spreads more efficiently than his.


  • Learned Mega Kick to prove theorists wrong.
  • Beat Lance's haxest Dragonite (you know the one), earning Silent the title of Johto Champion.
  • Contributed to the takedown of Pokefutures's operations.
  • Made it to the breeder cabal in the Johto Nidoran Colony.
  • Is a mom :3.
  • AU: Evolved into Nidoqueen.
  • AU: Fought and killed Matchsticks with Baluarkos.
  • Fought Jemma's hax Assist technique.
  • Struck fear into the heart of a Latios. (Granted, it was a Lazy Latios, but still...)
  • AU: she and Baluarkos temporarily stopped the draconic invasion on Goldenrod after disabling their first wave of airships.

Canon Future Achievements

  • AU: Trains under tutelage of one the Johto Gerbils after Johto is struck by a draconic invasion.
  • AU: Raids the Dragon Holy Land and neutralizes the elder dragons in combat, finishing the draconic military movement in the main Johto peninsula.
  • AU: May or may not move to PEFE HQ to live there with Baluarkos.


Inka is mated to a 5-year old Nidorino named Baluarkos. Together they've bred over 20 Nidoran. Maekrite is the eldest sibling of them all, and comprises the first litter. Other offspring include Kinoa, Lapis and Lenia (female), Acute and Aldrio (male), and two unnamed Nidos who went off the colony and into worldwide adventures chasing a Heart Scale.

In the Suocéverse

>See: Inka[㏜]

A depiction of Inka in her Suocéverse incarnation. (Commission by autobottesla.)

In this continuity she is "Silent"'s starter and remains in active status up until some time before the events of G1/G3. Her role is eventually taken by Maekrite just as in the WAAPT Continuity.

  • In Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~ (link), her first encounters with her eventual mate Baluarkos are described.
  • In Interim (TBA), she and the rest of Silent's team as well as Ravir's team investigate the empty town the group find themselves in. Inka attempts to get the various machinery at the Pokémon center back to work.
  • In the preliminary release of Built for Risk (link), she is the lead Pokémon in the second semifinals battle of the inaugural Lega Runa Exhibition Octagonal, where she confronts Roc.


Inka originates from a Fire Red file, though she was not named until she was introduced into the RP.

Inka appears in the semi-offshot RP We Are All in a Pokécenter.

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