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(Not to be confused with Solana.)

Sol is Silent's Dream World Espeon, formerly trained by Luke.

Sol (Silent)
Species / Morph Espeon
Gender Female
Nature unknown
Age Info unknown
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Given by Luke
Origin Dream World
Ability Magic Bounce[*]
Summon Effect Ruby Light [*]
and others
Field of Study Quantumnuclear Kinetics (postgraduate)

She has the ability to see [notices] and paratext details in posts, which she gained shortly after temporarily transferring to Silent's team the first time (during the group's visit to the Mirage Tower). As such, she was able to notice things such as potholes, quotes and even forum syntax changing, which at first confused her to no end. She transferred back and forth with Luke for some time, such as in Lilycove City, where Silent bought various books for her to read.

Sol, like all Espeons, are feline mons and thus she is able to be summoned / imprisoned via Summon Cat.

History with Luke

History with Silent

During the group's visit to the PMD universe, Sol and Ichtacya fell into a portal that took them to a very weird universe where a young boy in green clothes and an accompanying pesky shining fairy shot flame arrows at them, wounding Ichtacya. After they finally managed to reach PMD-A, Sol had to set up a divination and clairvoyance stand in Treasure Town to get enough money to release Ichtacya from the town hospital. She used her paratext noticing abilities to get good earnings (though nowhere close to Shahinne's earnings during the same period). Sol later suggests Issun, who has a similar paratext-noticing ability, to set shop to earn some money.

While Silent was staying in Ecruteak, Sol finds out Algira has been trying to teach a Magneton belonging to a Trainer how to communicate using Signal Beam as a carrier stream (Algira's speciality). Sol contributes by psychically transferring to the Magneton's mind an amount of information on the use of visual signals, navigation codes and the like. She then departs by walking down a wall, because she's a cat and cats defy gravity.

Sol longs to move to somewhere where there's many books. Like for example the PEFE HQ. She partly gets this wish granted.

She doesn't get along very well with Ichtacya, cat and dog, you know...

Sol went on to accompany the group with Tagg and other Trainers into a ruins of Alakagross Civilization, which she insisted on because of KNOWLEDGE!!!, she stayed behind with the Tree of Beginning's Mew and then reached the group right before they fought the mandatory Boss Battle of the dungeon, which she remarked on.

Shortly before Silent were to meet Maggie for her PEFE testing, and while Silent was looking for an ancient book on something in a Sinn library, Sol disappeared mysteriously and was universally missing for a while. She appeared from inside a microwave when Silent returned from another trip to Goldenrod.

When Silent and team went to Orre, Maekrite was snagged resulting in [[Sol being temporarily placed as the team lead. She was seen in the final confrontation with Cipher's main body, defeating various mons and trying to use her psychic powers to find information about Maekrite's whereabouts in their mind. Later when Crewe asks Silent for help in getting PEFE trackers (for Hecate and family) Sol takes a long trip to Unova to deliver them; according to her, she can make the trip in "about two posts".

When in Kalos, Sol goes around looking for TMs to learn. She gets a bad case of MY PRECIOUS when Silent acquires from Sparkers a Dazzling Gleam TM disc. She later assists Silent in earning the badge from the Anistar Gym, along side Eridanus's mons.

After Silent and team return to PEFE HQ and Goldenrod, Sol detaches from the team to resume her studies in Quantumnuclear Kinetics, of which she's about to start her last semester. She's seen around the Goldenrod branch a couple of times, busy studying. When she needs to study without interruptions she looks for places that are deserted or secured, sometimes by using her meta-reading ability. Unfortunately this lands her in the room where the Gaim Rahm is stored right before a hostile force attacks PEFE and attempts to fetch the tome (post 11769 and following). She contributes to the confrontation against Sol and Ton but is later left behind when the participants to go water. Instead, she arranges for Tangent to summon her to Laverre, where she delivers a birthday cake.

During Hoenn-2 Arc, Ren gifts Silent with a suit themed after an Arcanist, complete with a grimoire-like container for Pokéballs from which his team can be summoned sent out to battle and from which Sol can cast some of her abilities over her teammates. During this time she starts developing her techniques so that they can be casted from inside the book (just like Summon magic), and she ends up developing the "Ruby Light" technique which allows her to grant other Pokémon the protective abilities of her Magic Bounce ability. She uses this to offer Puff some protection the Cyndaquil later needs during a battle.

Battle Information

Sol is a Dream World Espeon, and her Ability is Magic Bounce, which allows her to reflect status-lowering attacks, moves that primarily cause status ailments, and party hazards. Coming from Luke's team she knows Protect.

Her IQ Skills, if any, are yet unknown.

Summon Power

When Sol is summoned to have her skills aid the team via eg.: Silent's Grimoire, she casts special effects over her teammates:

  • Ruby Light: grants her teammates with the effects of her DW ability, Magic Bounce.
  • [TBA] Shining Ruby: casts a circle on the ground, which when it dissipates will raise for any teammate still inside DEF+1 and SP.DEF+1.

Notable Moves

Movepool for Sol (Silent)
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Growl Natural ★★★ Even when annoyed cats are cute :3
TypeGround.gif Sand Attack Natural ★★
TypeNormal.gif Baton Pass Natural ★★★
TypeDark.gif Bite Natural ★★★ As an Eevee
TypePsychic.gif Future Sight Natural ★★★ Can use as a way to send messages ("psychic snail-mail")
TypeNormal.gif Protect TM ★★★ Taught by Luke
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball TM ★★
TypePsychic.gif Reflect TM ★★★★ Can hold and assemble in various shapes and for various effects
TypePsychic.gif Light Screen TM ★★★★ Can hold and assemble in various shapes and for various effects
TypeBug.gif Signal Beam Tutor ★★★ Taught by Luke
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Sol (Silent)

To be learned: Last Resort, Power Swap, Dazzling Gleam (TypeFairy.gif TM), Echoed Voice (TypeNormal.gif TM), Confide (TypeNormal.gif TM).


  • Becomes mildly medium-aware sometime after transferring to Silent's team.
  • Helps open the interdimensional passage in the Entralink for Silent's team.
  • Recovers some items (such as a certain Fire Arrow) later given as prize to Roxas.
  • Tutors FeSO4 in the arts of light-based signal communication (together with Algira).
  • Accompanies Silent, Tagg, Maggie and some of their mons in an expedition to the Tree of Beginning and beyond.
  • Develops a form of Summon magic so that she can assist her team from inside the "Grimoire".


  • Books that Sol owns:
    • "Analysis of Synchronoise-Assisted Telemetry and its Usage in Lower-Orbit Exploration"
    • "Fifteen Kanto Cold Cases"
    • "The Market of Meritocracy: What to Value When Everyone Can Have a Rattata"
  • Light Screen / Reflect shapes that Sol has tried out:
    • Twisted mirror (when helping Silent fetch Maekrite from a blimp).
    •  ????
  • As of Holon Arc, Sol is taking a course on Quantumnuclear Kinetics in an unmentioned University. How did she manage to sign up is a mystery to all.
  • She shows some discontent and annoyance at Silent, Tagg and the others forgetting that she is a psychic cat and can thus ignore gravity, reach into places and memorize paths, during their trip to some Alakagross Civilization ruins.
  • During Ren's Goldenrod Exhibition, Sol laments that he didn't dress up as a Arcanist (instead of a Thaumaturge), as some of the official ARR Arcanist artwork features a Carbuncle and she wanted to be "in the linked picture".
  • Sol's field of scientific study is Quantumnuclear Kinetics. What exactly does that field deal with and entail is purposely not made clear, though in meta it has been commented that it has something to do with teleportation.

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