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Baluarkos is a five years old wild Nidorino and the chosen mate of Inka. He lives in a burrow somewhere in the southeast side of the Johto Nidoran Colony. He is a WAAPT creation by User:VeniaSilente that was later adapted into the Suocéverse as his own character.

Main character article: Baluarkos[㏜].

Back when he was young and had just evolved, Baluarkos's troop periodically went to roam the city of Goldenrod for some challenge. It is during one of those escapades that he senses a Nidorina in a mart and, after managing to make his way inside, meets Inka very briefly, being interrupted by the automatic door. When Inka moves to the colony to live there, she and Baluarkos eventually meet and become mates.

He has sired 23 kits among them Maekrite; for more details see Inka.

Baluarkos taught Maekrite the basic Nidoran♂ techniques, as well as Fury Attack and Chip Away, the last of which he himself learned by unknown means.

Alternate Timeline

In the AU, Baluarkos and Inka only had one kit; after that, they used two Moon Stones as part of a birthing ceremony and became a Royal Couple. Because of Inka's insistence that Silent should stay attached to the Colony as a collective, Baluarkos and Maekrite remained mostly hidden from Silent's view, and the Trainer only managed to meet him when he was about to depart to PEFE HQ for a mission.

When the cabal Nidorina ordered a retake of the Goldenrod Dept. Store after the city was invaded by Rommelperior, Baluarkos and Inka collected some Ultra Balls and attached themselves to Silent's team. This marks the only verse in which Silent has had a Royal Evolution in his team.


  • Beat an automatic door.
  • Is a dad :3.
  • Killed Matchsticks in a joint effort with Inka (AU only).
  • [META] Is nominated for Best non-Human Main Character in Serebii's 2015 Fanfiction Awards.

In the Suocéverse

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