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Species / Morph Nidoran
Gender Male
Nature Adamant
Age Info born on Nov 25, yr 0 after PEFE (November 25, 2007)
Poké Ball Moon Ball (note)
Obtained by Event in Sep 4th, yr 2 After PEFE
Owsla Role Watcher
"I am the top percentage of Nidorino!"
Maekrite is Silent's Nidoran♂ (formerly Nidoking, formerly Nidorino) and his current Starter; he is Silent's most loyal companion and his second Starter Pokémon after Inka of whom he is firstborn. A mid-leveled Pokémon with experience in field combat, escorting and protection, with high endurance, an adamant and highly judgmental personality. He is part of his Colony's patroller force (the Owsla).
034NidokingMaekrite Ex Shadow.png

Maekrite as a Shadow Pokémon,
as of Orre Arc

Maekrite was the first of the many kittens Inka and her mate had, and the only of his litter; in the AU, the only kit the couple ever had. He was born late in the season and was taken with his family to PEFE Old HQ to live there for a while.

At age two, Maekrite was assigned to be Silent's Pokémon by his colony.

It is established in the AU that having met Silent was Maekrite's Constant. Whether this carries to the Other!verse or any other verses as well is unknown.

During the Orre Arc Maekrite is snagged and forced to evolve into a Nidoking (one of his greatest fears) before being Shadowified. He was used as a wreak-havocer by Cipher operations as well as by Ardos, and some splinter cells in some of the various attacks Cipher pulls on Orre as an act of desperation after Tagg's Very Bad Thing. He is snagged back shortly after the Kalos Arc begins, and de-evolved into Nidoran♂.

After the events in Orre, Maekrite spends his time at home in the colony, with his mate, and raising his first litter of three kittens. He periodically accompanies Silent in visits to the Goldenrod PEFE Station, while storing the energy required to evolve again.

During the Hoenn-2 Arc, Maekrite stays at Goldenrod, and eventually is sent to PEFE HQ. There he helps intersect a raid against the lower vaults where the Gaim Rahm is stolen, and accompanies Polly and Firuz in the battle that takes place at the Sevii Islands. Later he returns to PEFE HQ to train and gather energy for his evolution, and he gets back to his old gang in the facility, pushing them to get back into shape.


As his Adamant nature indicates, Maekrite is much a stubborn mon and can be fairly persistent to get what he wants; however he is not the type of mon put all effort upfront when chasing a goal - instead he tends to stick with tried and proven tricks to remain in control of the action, and only sacrifices that when circumstances open a path he would be forced to take; this is visible during his battles in the Orange Islands. Much of his Owsla training went on strengthening his defenses so that he could stick to one task ("protecting Trainer" for example) with as many plays as he can.

Maekrite is also a fairly gruff mon, a trait he inherits from his mother. He's mostly overgrown his childish and playful side out of trauma (such as being the only survivor to his childhood troop becoming breakfast) and now retains mostly a "young adult" perspective on things. He is also strongly judgemental of others and their history, even about mons he doesn't know; such was the case with Shahinne, whom he dismissed as a teammate even before she hatched from her egg. He does this mostly out of self-awareness and trust on his own capabilities though, and not out of malice.

Between his raising and his colony's culture, Maekrite is very respectful towards other Pokémon who take the social role of guarders and protectors in their societies, such is the case with Teala for example, whom he comes to appreciate mostly because she has been stubborn enough to persist in her goal to become a good watcher over her own Trainer despite her past failures to fit in with her own society.

Maekrite's role as a watcher has come not without personal sacrifices, which have left some notable emotional wounds all over the metaphorical place. He is periodically torn between his desire to stay with Silent and his desire to return to his colony and his mate. He also has a left-hanging want for his own kits, which triggers his paternal instincts when Silent is turned into a Nidoran, and also has a growing (at least up until the PMD-B Arc) fear that he might have to use a Moon Stone in order to become stronger. Those fears are realized with his enforced evolution and Shadowification, and it is yet to be seen how is he going to live with the memories and the consequences.

Battle Technique

Maekrite was taught by his parents a variety of general combat techniques, and is built and trained to be a persistent attacker. He earned a position as colony patroller at about one year old and was eventually assigned as a guard to Silent. He's acquired techniques during his life by various means, like taught by his peers (Call for Family, Chip Away), learnt by himself (Frustration, Sludge Bomb), enabled by a TM (Snatch, Thunderbolt), or by event (Morning Sun). Thunderbolt is his best performing long-range attack, which is partly due to having to assist Silent first in his initial trip to Hoenn (dem Pelipper >_>).

Maekrite's Abilities are Poison Point, a physiological trait which allows him to more efficiently pass poison to his opponent by physical contact, and Rivalry, which is a behaviour most Johto Nidoran are trained in to be always alert and eager to ram a perceived opponent.

Among his skills, it can be mentioned that he is a good Practice Swinger, building momentum and power when an opponent evades his ramming, and an Extra Striker, using various measure to strike twice in short range such as swinging his paws and horn in different directions. He also has access to a EX Mode when casting Focus Energy that gives him a temporary health boost besides the critical-hit bonus.

Movepool for Maekrite
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFlying.gif Peck Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Leer Natural ★★★ His dad's, not his mom's.
TypePoison.gif Poison Sting Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif Double Kick Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Horn Attack Natural ★★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Fury Attack Natural ★★★ Has an anti-air variant based off the TCG.
TypePoison.gif Toxic Spikes Natural AU-exclusive.
TypeNormal.gif Call Partner Tutored ★★ Learnt from the Owsla.
TypeNormal.gif Chip Away Bred ★★ From Baluarkos.
TypeNormal.gif Focus Energy Natural ★★★★ Activates his EX-mode.
TypePoison.gif Sludge Bomb Tutored ★★★★ Started learning under the Owsla.
TypeNormal.gif Endure Tutored ★★★★ Learnt from the Owsla.
TypeWater.gif Water Gun TM From a G1 TM.
TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt TM ★★★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Claw TM
TypeDark.gif Hone Claws TM ★★
TypeNormal.gif Horn Drill Tutored Learnt during the AU.
TypeNormal.gif Frustration Self-taught ★★★★ OU-exclusive. Learnt out of frustration during the OI.
TypeDark.gif Snatch PEFE-TM Acquired in the AU.
TypeNormal.gif Morning Sun Event Acquired from Ho-Oh.
TypeRock.gif Head Smash Event As a Purification move, OU-exclusive.
TypeNormal.gif Strength HM ★★
TypeRock.gif Head Smash Purification Not showcased in-RP. Based off of in-game.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Maekrite

As a Shadow!Nidoking
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeGround.gif Bulldoze Shadow ★★★
TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail Shadow ★★★
TypeFire.gif (Undetermined) Shadow ★★
TypeNormal.gif (Undetermined) Shadow ★★★★
File:TypeShadow???.gif (Undetermined) Shadow ★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Maekrite

Moves yet to learn: Captivate, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes, Helping Hand (tutored), Toxic (TM), Body Slam, Dig, Cut, and other moves as a Nidoking; a yet undecided Shadow Move.

Move Variance


Notable Events

  • Achieved Owsla membership at about 20 months of age.
  • Battled and caught Dintel.
  • Destroyed PEFeDOS's Nidotoxin collectors and related facilities in the AU.
  • Achieved Owsla membership in the AU.
  • Was marked as herald by Ho-Oh for services rendered during the AU war and for fulfilling a prophecy.
  • Trained Pierce and Teala in the Owsla ways.
  • Is a dad :3 (in the Other!verse and in the AU's future).
  • Was snagged by Every during the Orre Arc, and forcibly evolved before being Shadowified.
  • (Time-Shenaniganed) Is sent out by Cipher to take over an undetermined important landmark, attack during which he meets Every again.
  • (Time-Shenaniganed) Is released by a high-ranking Cipher officer (probably Ardos) as a way to divert attacks from the J-Team during the endgame.
  • Assists the defense of PEFE HQ when it is raided by parties looking for the Gaim Rahm.


Maekrite is the target of the following shippings:

  • GuardianShipping (with Teala) -- canon in the AU timeline
  • ParagonShipping (with Lake)
  • PechaShipping (with Basket) -- canon in the Other!verse
  • unnamed shipping (with Orchid)

Maekrite has an actual mate, a 3-year old Nidorina named Crerah. The two are officially bred at the time of Orre arc and have their first litter of kittens, one of them named Spikanor, in mid-2014.

In the near future of the AU, Maekrite and Teala have gotten together. Their offspring, which they are stated by PMD-B to have had, is unknown as of yet.

In the Other!verse, Maekrite and Basket have three saplings called Ercilla, Dulles and Colombia.

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