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Species / Morph Sandshrew
Gender Male
Nature quirky
Age Info unknown
Poké Ball Poké?
Obtained by Capture near Mirage Tower
"Wheeeee~ I'm flying~"

Dintel is Silent's Sandshrew♂, a specime caught during Silent's initial trip to Hoenn right after PEFE became a thing. He is a somewhat childish and dispreoccupied mon who goes around life essentially advertising the advantages of living happily. He has a sister still living near Mirage Tower.

Dintel, like Sol, has an habit of frequently disappearing without trace, though it tends to turn out he was just offscreen or having his own little adventures. He also has an imaginary friend Trapinch.


During the team's adventures previous to the Kalos Arc, Dintel stays at PEFE HQ, and in one of the desert habitats he finds a sunken pyramid under the sand, which seems to be inhabited by Creepers. Whether he managed to extract the treasure from the pyramid's chamber or what treasure might it be is still unknown.

By the Hoenn-2 Arc, Dintel accompanies Silent's team to Hoenn and they arrive to Slateport, where the Sandshrew meets up with some of Maggie's Pokémon on their way to the Pokécenter.

Battle Technique

While Dintel is a mon who does not think much strategically, he is pretty much a living spanner in the works and can try any unorthodox tactic that comes to his mind in the pursue of whatever he wants.

Dintel has the following D-group IQ Skills:

  • Nontraitor -- when confused, instead of hurting himself, he'll go give his opponent a hug (yes, don't ask).
Movepool for Dintel
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Scratch Natural ★★★★
TypeGround.gif Sand Attack Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Defense Curl Natural ★★★★
TypePoison.gif Poison Sting Natural ★★ muzzle-barrage spread variety.
TypeNormal.gif Fury Swipes Natural ★★
TypeNormal.gif Swift Natural ★★★★★ Affectionately dubbed lil'stars. They can has fly towards enemies!
TypeNormal.gif Slash Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Rapid Spin Natural
TypeGround.gif Dig TM G2 ★★★
TypeRock.gif Rollout TM G2 ★★ TM bought from Every during the Gold Conference.
Trained with Cephas.
TypeGhost.gif Curse TM G2 TM bought from Every during the Gold Conference.
TypeFighting.gif Brick Break TM G3 ★★★★ As a variant can be used defensively.
TypeRock.gif Rock Tomb TM G3 ★★
TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace TM G3 ★★ Taught off-screen right after capture.
TypeRock.gif Sandstorm TM G4 Taught off-screen during the OI.
TypeDark.gif Hone Claws TM G5 ★★
TypeGround.gif Mud Slap Tutor G3 ★★ Taught during Silent's trip to Hoenn.
TypeNormal.gif Strength HM ★★★★ Can as a variant use to toss opponents away.
TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash HM ★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Dintel

Moves to be learned: (to be completed)

Tactical Variants

  • Lil'stars Swift ~Arc Spread~ : Very much like in the vein of Origins!Mewtwo's Swift, he can materialize the lil'stars around his body instead of having to shoot them, meaning he can potentially use them as a cover or aim them towards his enemies at nontrivial angles.
  • Brick Break ~Shield~ : Can focus the pressure of his Brick Break to lift rubble or pieces of the object to be shattered to use as a shield against incoming projectiles. This is slow (could be considered a Prio-1 attack).
  • Strength ~Grab-and-kick~ : Dintel has good strength to put behind the move. He can grab an opponent small enough and kick him away à-la-Mario and his koopa shells.

(to be completed)


  • Cared for Shahinne's egg.
  • Cared for Python's egg.
  • [ AU only] Unknowingly raised a rebellion in Hoenn against Lelouch's invasion.
  • Found a Desert Temple in one of PEFE HQ's desert-biome modules. Might or might not have found emeralds in chests, or some sort of artifact.
  • Together with Lileep sank at least one Cipher transport ship during the Gateon Port confrontations.

In the Suocéverse

The original Dintel[㏜] is one of the various Gym Leader Pokémon in Suocé's Ground-Type Gym, working there under the gym leader called Nicena. His personality is for the most part similar to that of the RP and his background is similar, having hailed from Mirage Tower. He is slated to appear in Stars of Suocé.

In this continuity, Dintel is not related to the incarnation of Silent or any of the other Pokémon of the team.

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