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The Hoenn-2 Arc is the arc that followed after the events of Ranger Regions-2, and ran concurrent with the Return to AU Arc. Hoenn confirmed! Hoping to finally put the horrors of Orre behind them, the J-Team travels to Hoenn where things - for the lack of a better term - have changed. Mega Evolution and Progress seem to go hand in hand. Not only did Mauville get an overhaul, but even Contests got a revamp. With things calm for the moment, several of the J-Team take on the Hoenn League Challenge, because even the J-Team can't always bring major disaster with them wherever they go... Right?

Major Events

  • Lucius and Alice are revived by the vitality trio.
  • Odin meets his end at the hands of Ilya.
  • The Delta Incident.


  • Sarah starts training to become a Frontier Brain.
  • WAAPT's fourth anniversary.

Gym Challenge

The following Trainers ran the Hoenn League challenge:

Arc Information

New Characters:

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  • Having started in December 2015, and only concluding around the same time the following year, it holds the record for longest continuous WAAPT arc.