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"Understood. I'll lead the assault *heh heh* by performing an elaborate musical number!"

Artwork of Ren, Kitsune, and Florea by Pikaninja7.
Name: Renard Valenum Clavis
Nickname: Ren
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 34
Height: 5'11"/181 cm
Ethnicity: Passing as White Caucasian (father of White decent and mother of Asian decent)
Birthday: August 6, 1983
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Castelia City, Unova
Pokéform: Shiny Delphox (originally a Fennekin)
Starter: Rio and Kitsune
Status: Alive

Ren (full name: Renard Valenum Clavis), is a Pokemon coordinator originating from Goldenrod City, but currently resides in Castelia City. Ren is the Main Player Character of the troper keys2tkingdom.


A fan of pop culture, theater, and the arts, Renard Valenum Clavis is the son of Eric Tobias Clavis and Clara Sophia Desmond Clavis and younger brother to Martin Reese Clavis.

Born in Goldenrod and raised in Celadon, Ren grew up in comfort due to him coming from a long line of highly successful lawyers and business men. From a young age Ren showed an aptitude for the arts. Ren's parents encouraged Ren and his talent (Martin was already well on his way on on becoming an excellent business man). In his teens, Ren had a bad accident while riding a Rapidash, the aftermath of which left Ren with his a trick ankle. Ren now walks with a cane because of this. Ren's parents, wanting to make sure Ren would be able to provide for himself, allowed Ren to attend the La Rousse College of Art and Technology. Ren, due to his status as an Heir to the Clavis estate has been target of multiple kidnappings and attempted murders. The one most brutal of these attempts left Ren's left leg severely scared and unable to support Ren's weight without a supporting device of some sort.

During his third year of college, Ren developed a love of Pokémon coordinating, and opted to become a professional coordinator. Ren finished is BAs in graphic design and fashion design - the latter of which would serve him well in his coordinator career. After a few years of running the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh contest circuits, Ren started to gain recognition as a coordinator; known for his Pokémon's highly visual appeals, as well as designing and making accessories for his Pokémon. Ren eventually branched off from contests and started making a name for himself in Pokémon Musicals. Ren's personal residence is in Castelia City.


Quick to act, Ren is quirky, hammy, and a bit snarky. Ren is well versed in the ways of etiquette, calling people Mister, Miss, or by title unless told otherwise. Due to a combination of his upbringing, incidents in his life as a young master, and his father's job, Ren has a tendency to go to local authorities when there is danger. Ren, due to his own debilitating injuries, dislikes hurting others (though he has no qualms over self-defense) or seeing other people hurt, injured, or in pain; Ren will do his best to try and help them. Although he does not like to it, Ren has no qualms about exploiting his family's name and influence when he deems it necessary. While Ren is quick to act, this can lead to problems for him and other people.


Despite being over 30, Ren is fairly young in his appearance, with dark, brown, mid-length hair which is kept combed back including a thicker locked combed back from a widow's peak. Ren has dark green eyes and wears half rim glasses that go over the lower half of his lenses. Due to consuming half a bottle of Divine Pecha Pills, Ren now no longer needs to use a cane to compensate for a bum leg, but carries a cane any way so not to cause undue attention. In Kalos, Ren discovered a Key Stone bequeathed to him by Des and had it set in the handle of the cane Des had also left for Ren; thus making Ren's Mega Cane.

Ren prefers to dress sharply for all occasions, with custom tailored clothes the norm. His most informal ensembles include a long sleeve dress shirt, dress pants, a vest, and a tie. After starting his travels with the J-Team, Ren opted to wear clothes made from silk produced by Seamstress, his Leavanny, as a base. While traveling in Unova and Holon, Ren's ensemble was a white tuxedo shirt, a black, knee-length frock coat, black pants, and a bright red ascot. Ren's canes vary in appearance, but most his most commonly used are dark to black in color.

When Ren started traveling in Orre, Ren start wearing denim pants, knee length hiking boots, a light blue short sleeve button up shirt, and a white sleeveless long coat. When Ren received his Aura Scanner and snag machine, Ren had Chrome mod them. Chrome modified the appearance or Ren's snag machine into an obsidian black and white pallet swap of Wes' snag machine. Chrome also modified Ren's aura scanner and combined it with a spare set of Ren's glasses to make Ren's Aura Glasses. Ren's aura glasses have an Augmented Reality HUD that displays information on what he's looking at and the data is updated in real time. Ren later added a mid-length white cloak to hide his snag machine.

For a few days after Ren escaped from Cipher, Ren wore a replica of The Sixth Doctor's outfit. He kept the outfit and wears it from time to time.

Towards the end of the Orre arc Ren made himself a tall, black silk top adorned by a red leather belt with a gold buckle, and three Unfeazant feathers. To match this outfit Ren, Crewe, and Seamstress made made Ren of vest, dress pants, and a long coat made of Seamstress' silk coated by Crewe's Dark Obscura. The coat had dark red inner lining and bold red trim. The pants and vest are both black with bold red trim. Ren will go on to wear this outfit until a least mid-way through of the Kalos Arc. Despite changing the base outfit from his initial frock coat drastically, Ren continues his tradition of wearing a bold or brightly colored ascot - usually red - With his suit.

Further Details

Favorite Color: Red and Black

Attribute: Not known to have one.

Aura/Obscura Affinity: None

Likes: Tea, nice clothes, music, theater, Kitsune

Dislikes: Watching people get hurt, being thought of a weak, rudeness, having to invoke his family's name to get what he wants

Battle Style: Ren likes to use attacks and abilities that affect the field conditions. Ren specializes in weather, particularly the combination of Sun, Rain, and Hail, opting to change the weather to his advantage, or if he can't get an advantage, his opponent's disadvantage. To a lesser extent, Ren also likes field moves (Gravity, Trick Room, etc) and entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes, etc). Ren's final battle quirk is to reduce - or out right nullify - the effects of powerful attacks via recalling a mon and switching out for a mon that is resistant to the attack.

Travels with the J-Team

The Unova-2 Arc

After a chance encounter with Carol and Herbert in Humilau City Pokemon Center. A series of events and chance meetings lead Ren to have a business brunch with Carol and Arika. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding on Ren's part, pleasant conversations turned into a stand off between the three. Carol and Arika eventually explained to Ren his mistake. Ren, intrigued by the two girls' tale, asked to join the J-Team. After meeting Umbra, who Ren calls "Your Holiness", Ren was introduced to the concept of monese and that people can translate it - which promptly caused Ren to pass out from shock. Gamma, in response to Ren learning about monese, started to stay in Ren's tablet and act as a translator for Ren via a wireless ear piece. Several days after meeting Umbra, Ren overheard two comic artist discussing the plot of a future issue where Umbra or Ammy would perform a Heroic Sacrifice. Mistaking the artists' words as an assassination plot, Ren hurried to the Unova League to warn Umbra. Umbra quickly discovered the truth as Ren remained ignorant of his mistake. While staying at the League to watch other J-Team members challenge the Unova League, Ren attempted to help stop an invasion of Dream Pokemon. During the invasion, Ren's team was overpowered, and was Ren attacked by two Infernape and slightly injured. However, Ren was saved by the timely intervention of Dune and his team, and feels grateful to them. Over then next few days Ren and Dune conversed many times with Ren alerting Dune to major events through their psychic Pokemon. Also during this time, Ren received two pokemon and four eggs from his sponsors as well as an Areodactyl from his parents that Ren named Avian. The two pokemon Ren received were a moody Deino that Ren named Dirus, and a slightly dim Druggion that Ren named Kaiju. A day after Ren received the eggs, one of them hatched in to a highly cheerful Budew that Ren named Florea. A few days after Florea's hatching, Ren helped Des and Dune stop an invasion of Dream Pokemon terrorizing Castelia City and close the reopened rift there. Upon returning to the Unova League Ren, meet a very weakened and injured Cresselia who warned all present of a giant rift was going to open over the Entralink Forest. Ren and his team helped combat the raging dream pokemon while other members of the J-Team used there dream machines to close the giant rift. Upon returning from the battle Ren was present to hear Cresselia's command that the men who captured her must be stopped and her rather cryptic clue of the scientist "came from a place of strange storms" before her departure. Ren in response to this, restructured his team into a more battle oriented team, and having Gamma search for clues as to where the foreign base could be located.

The Unova-2 Interlude

During the period of time while information was being sought about the "place of strange storms", Ren met Pentigan who allowed Ren to use the genderbending amulet, Ren dubbed his genderbent form "Rena". Pentigan also introduced Ren and Kitsune to the existence and use of the Armbands, which lead to Kitsune begging Pent to borrow the Borked!Armband. Naturally Ren's previous inability to converse with Kitsune prior to having Gamma as a translator, had left Ren with a false impression of Kitsune's behavior, Kitsune was not an extreme omnisexual, but rather, was solely attracted to Ren. Ren, unsure if he felt love for Kitsune beyond a friend of many years, took Kitsune to a masquerade party, where Ren seemingly realized his feelings for Kitsune. Upon returning to the League, Ren and Kitsne discussed acquiring an armband for Kitsune with Pentigan. Unable to find out more information about armbands beyond that they are found in ruins. Ren asked Dune for help. During this exchange two more of Ren's eggs hatched into a Pichu Ren named Baleno and a Nidoran♂ that was named Rey Veneno. Later that day, Ren investigated the Abyssal Ruins with Pentigan's help, where Ren retrieved two Relic Crowns, one of which Ren gave to Pentigan as payment for leading him through the ruins. The second crown was given to Dune in a partnership between Ren and Dune, with Dune getting anything Ren didn't want from his ruin runs in exchange for Dune's information on the ruins. Ren also gave Dune a wireless earpiece that allowed Dune to hear Gamma's translations. Immediately after the deal was struck the final egg hatched into a Totodile Ren called Maxilar. Ren spent the next few days training his new team members with Pierre evolving while helping Big Dom who had sunk into one of Iccirus City's marshes. A few days later, Ren confronted Pi while Madness was in control. Ren offered to help Pi in anyway he could so long as Pi asked for his help. The next day Ren received word that the Team was leaving for Holon, the location of the "strange storms". While traveling to Castelia, Ren was accosted in Nimbasa by a mob of rabid Pokemon Musical Fans. Ren was help out of this situation by Selene, Dune's Clefable, when Ren used the Kanto TM30 to teach her Teleport. After a timely escape and an impromptu meeting of Sabullo, Ren invited both trainers to stay at his apartment in Castelia, where they could compare notes about Holon. After a few days of planning, Ren borrowed his family's yacht to ferry Sabullo, Dune, and himself to Holon.

The Holon Arc

In Holon Ren met Joseph and his team properly for the first time. Joseph's Frosslass, Catherine, had convinced Joseph to ask Ren to tutor Joseph in Contests. Ren accepted this proposal, with Ren having an unofficial protege in Joseph, much to Ren's pleasure. During the first few weeks in Holon Ren took on an errand for a move tutor named Sev, who had requested Memory Berries in exchange for teaching Kitsune Dancing Embers. During this errand, Ren's group was assaulted by a flock of Pidgey line Deltas, who cause Ren to fall of a cliff resulting in Florea's evolution. Avian found Ren's group in a timely manner, saving Ren and informing Ren's group about Pierre's Teleport mishap. After returning to Joulant town and having Kitsune tutored, Ren and his team traveled to Coloumbia City, Baleno evolving on the way. Upon Arriving in Coloumbia City, Ren's tablet broke down due to the magnetic storms and leaving Ren unable to understand Monese again. After traveling to Ergon City, Ren meet with Carol again and discovered he and his team had been followed by a Delta Luxray, who had been persecuted for not looking like a Delta. Ren felt sorry for the Delta Luxray and offered to let the Delta Luxray follow him if it wished. The Delta Luxray agreed and followed Ren as an unofficial member of his team. Before departing to Holon City Ren procured a Time Flower from a man named Otto who said the man in the Flower's recording looked like Ren. Otto recommended going to Holon City Museum's Time Flower Exhibit. Ren sought out Umbra, and asked him to use his Ghost Obscura powers to activate Ren's Time Flower. Umbra obliged, allowing Ren to see his ancestor, Shokaki. Intrigued by the recording, Ren departed with his team to Holon City. While Ren and his team traveled to Holon City, they were accosted by two Wind Clan Delta Pokémon. After seeing Baleno attacked by the Wind Clan Deltas, Rey evolved and fended off the attack. In Holon City, Ren met with Dune and the two reunited with their missing Pokémon who were with a Delta Kirlia, Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX and her court of Steel-type Deltas. Afterwards Ren showed his Time Flower to Dune and his team. After negotiating the use of the museum's Time Flowers, Ren helped Dune investigate the possibility of Silph Co.'s involvement of the production or sales of the machine part Cresselia showed the group in Unova. This lead proved to be a dead end, but Ren was able to purchase experimental tech -a Holon Tablet and two Holon Transceivers- that would function in Holon - even during the magnetic storms. Ren spent the next day watching Time Flowers in the museums and hearing his ancestor's involvement in the War in Ransei 600 years ago. Ren reported his findings to Dune, telling him that the man named Sabaku, who Dune was researching, was Dune's ancestor. While in Holon City, Ren met Joseph again on his way to purchase a trainer bag. Joseph mentioned his Chandelure, Lady Black, had had an egg with another Chandelure, Jack. Ren offered to train the baby if no one else would train it. Joseph took Ren up on that offer when the egg started to hatch, with Ren being a midwife to Lady Black this go around. the Egg hatched into a Female Litwick, who Lady named Hecate. Ren and Joseph took Hecate to be examined and discovered that the newborn had inherited her parent's movepools. Impressed with Hecate's potential, Ren promised that he would make sure Joseph and Lady where present for Hecate's debut performance.

After a few weeks, Ren heard about a tournament series a Eon Casino with a high profile tournament with a hover vehicle as the prize for the winner. Ren entered the Croagunk Challenge Cup and faced five strong opponents, with several of Ren mon evolving for the first four battles. The fifth battle against Elite Trainer Rika marked a dramatic change in Ren's mentality as a coordinator and as a trainer; Ren decided to steel his resolve to not think he couldn't win against trainers just because he was a coordinator. About a week and a half after winning the tournament, Ren celebrated his 30th birthday. During the course of the festivities, Ren learned the name of the Delta Luxray he had been traveling with, Röntgen. Among the presents he received Ren received a translator program from Gamma, Special Cufflinks from Princess Devilotte, and to the amazement of all present, a box of Sacred Ashes from his father. A few days later Ren asked Galvani to mod his hover vehicle into the flight capable Mod Vehicle. After Galvani finished the modifications, Ren met with and learned more about a few members of the group, particularly Crewe, who revealed her secret to Ren. After taking Crewe's secret quite well, Ren and Crewe's meeting was was cut short when Gino arrived with news about the shady scientists where backed by Cipher and their current whereabouts, the Holon Institute. Ren watched Crewe enter the Institute where she would captured. When the group discovered that the scientists had been tipped of that their cover had been blown and where evacuating the institute via helicopter Ren had Zanna follow the copters to the discover the two hidden Cipher bases in the Mirage Forest and the Distant Island Chain. In preparation for the oncoming raid, Ren purchased Holon Transceivers for the group, connecting the transceivers to a private network so that the J-team could contact each other while in Holon. Ren, with the aide of Silent's Bird mon, went with Straw's group to raid the base at the Distant Island Chain. Ren, with his large team of mon entered through the ground entrance as the rest of the team entered through the roof. Ren had his team form a Round wall as they marched through corridor after corridor disabling machines and wrecking experiments. Eventually Ren and his team where intercepted and had to battle their way to the base's escape bay where they disabled the escape pods. Ren eventually meet up with the rest of the raiding partly who had rescued Crewe who had been turned into a Poison multitype, leaving her dangerously weakened and ill. United again with Straw's group, Ren witnessed the release of a captured Latias. However the amazement of the group had to be cut short - all the battling that had been going on had weakened the structural integrity of the base, forcing the raiding party to evacuate the the base via teleport. Ren took Straw and Crewe the PEFE in Holon so Crewe could be treated.

The Holon Interlude

A couple of weeks passed by in relative peace - along with an extremely unsettling prophetic dream - until Ren and his mon where alerted that Crow had been attacked by a Shadow Hydreigon. Finding Crow and a few of his mon injured, Ren Had Crow admitted into a hospital. Two days later, Ren and his mon discovered the identity of Crow's attacker; Verax, the Cipher Commander who had been sent on a recon mission to gather intel on the J-Team. A few days later, Ren receives notice that his Uncle Toarn had died and left for Hearthome to play his Uncle's funeral march. A few days after returning, Ren witness the return of Ammy, Issun, Tagg, Herbert,and Amhlaidh to the present day. Two days later, Ren receives his inheritance, a replica of the Blade of Kusanagi, which upon inspection by Tagg and Ammy, turns out to be the real Blade of Kusanagi. Ammy gives ownership of blade to a very stunned Ren. Over the course of the next few days Ren did some research for his appeal exhibition in the form of an interview with Tagg, who tells Ren about several past enemies the J-team has faced. Ren also discovered that the Holon Museum had used the Time Flowers he had recovered information from to create an exhibit for Lucanus, which showed the former warlord in an unfavorable light. Ren apologized to Herbert (and incidentally Revan) about Shokaki's actions, which appalled Ren. The day following the entire team received a chain texts from Jacob and Zeal calling the the team to come to Orre. Ren, changing his outfit to more desert friendly attire, takes his team to Joulant where they meets up with Crewe, Biton, and Clockwise. Ren offers Crewe and co. passage to Gateon Port, which she accepts. The two groups board the ship and sale to Gateon Port in Orre.

Orre Arc

With internal arguments and a couple of the team's mon Snagged, things are decidedly starting on the wrong foot for the J-team. In an attempt to cheer up a depressed Joseph, Ren decides to let Joseph look after Hecate for a while. A day or two later, Ren receives a Snag machine and an Aura reader, which with the help of Gino, Ren send to Chrome for modification and customization. Ren spends a few more days in Gateon Port until he receives a text from Sakura, who was being chased by Verax. Upon arriving in Agate village along with the other who responded to Sakura's text, Ren helps DS and Lillith compile a list of shadow mon and their status. Later after Helping DS, Ren is informed by Dune that Sho's Pecha Pills had been hidden for safe keeping somewhere in Agate.

The day after the list was complied, a Cipher Peon named Ruktec accosted Ren and proceeded to challenge Ren in a Pokemon battle. Ren won the battle, snagging Ruktec's Shadow Kingdra in the process. After a few days of staying in Agate, Dune discovered the entrance to the Singing Vault, a musically themed vault with traps and locks to match. Ren, Dune, Trip, Joseph, and Jason explored the vault, with Joseph and Jason providing inspiration for Ren to solve the riddle-locks and Ren playing an organ to open the musical lock to the depository. Ren recovered Sho's Pecha Pills while Dune recovered a pit of boots that belonged to Sabaku. Ren, in an attempt to heal his leg, finds that the pills don't work as they were said to. His hopes dashed, Ren entered a week-long period of deep depression. Ren grew out of his depressed state in time to help with the raid of the Cipher lab in the rebuilt Under. During the raid Ren helped Daisy and Martin clean up the final wave of peons, as well as recovering numerous Shadow mon. A couple of days later, Ren tried taking the Pecha Pills again, to similar, but not as devastating results.

A few days later, Ren traveled to the Pokemon Labs HQ where he Purified Dagon the Kingdra and too steps to ensure that Dagon found his trainer, Maria, in Phenac. The following Saturday, Ren, Joseph, and a few other traveled to Golden rod to participate in the exhibition an Contest. During the Battle segment of the contest, Ren discovers that his mon that had been traveling with the J-Team have grown too strong to have practical use in contest battles, but advances to the final round due to KOs. Ren, as they had promised, met Joseph in the final round where Ren conceded the Contest to Joseph, explaining to Joseph that since Ren had previously earned the Ribbon that was to be given to the winner, Ren couldn't receive the ribbon again even if he won. Ren continues, and announces publicly that Joseph had been taken on as his protege. Ren goes on to announce that he would be retiring as full-time coordinator at the end of the current season so he might take on League Challenges in addition to coordinating.

The week after returning from the contest was eventful for Ren. Two days after returning to Pyrite, Crewe in her Shadowed state, attempts to kill Ren. Ren escapes this due to a combination of Trick Room abuse, sheer luck, and Teleporters which only further cemented Shadowed!Crewe's hatred for teleporters. Ren and his team stayed in Pyrite to celebrate Halloween. Ren and his Team held an impromptu procession where they distributed high-end candy to the residents of the Under. While Ren's team celebrated with several other members at a Halloween party in the Under, a series of Events involving The Gray Fox, The Black Clad Fangirl, and an International detective; it is revealed that Pentigan didn't die in Holon and was returning to the group. A few days after Halloween, Ren and his team assisted with the raid on Titan's Lab where Ren encountered Titan and was overwhelmed by the commander's team. After witnessing Titan's escape, Ren formally met Psyche who had entered a deep bought of depression.

Several Days after the raid, while Ren and his team where still in Pyrite; Ren, Rio, and Kitsune were attacked by Aelia and Mammor, which resulted in Ren and Kitsune being injured and (as well as the mon in Ren's possession) abducted while Rio sustained severe physical and mental injuries. When Ren awakened, Mammor delivered an ultimatum: Ren would grant Cipher access to the Clavis Family fortune, or he would suffer. Over the next several days, Ren is tortured by Aelia and Odin while being healed by a Shadow Alomomola which constantly sang. Mammor, deciding a different approach was needed to convince Ren to bow to his wishes, threatened Kitsune. This threat caused Ren to agree to Mammor's terms, which prompting Mammor to gloat. While gloating, Mammor Revealed that the assailant that ruined Ren's leg was his operative. This information finally caused Ren to snap, prompting Ren to attempt an escape. In the process of escaping, Ren employed potentially lethal force and tactics that Ren had only accepted as last resorts until then including maiming a person, using torture and mind reading tactics to get information, and wanton violence. After using his mon and the Blade of Kusanagi to escape and learn where Kitsune was being held, Ren left Mammor to die as he and his team teleported to Phenac City, where a cold rain was falling, where Ren passed out from the effort of escaping. Ren is discovered by Dune and Champloo who, upon seeing Ren's state, feed Ren the remaining Pecha Pills, which, as well as healing the scars and injuries sustained while be held captive, healed the muscles and bones in Ren's left leg - thus allowing Ren to walk normally again. Dune brought Ren to Professor Mesquite's lab where Ren was reunited with Rio - by Rio being flung at Ren by a very irritated Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX. This out revealed the fact that Ren's leg was healed and Ren had fulfilled the first part of the prophetic dream Ren had in Holon. After a brief discussion whith Dune, Ren fulfilled the second part of the prophecy by forgiving Rio of his errors and promising to rescue Kitsune. After finding a replica of the Sixth Doctor's outfit in the spare clothes at the lab, Ren asked Mesquite if he could keep the outfit, to which Mesquite consented.

Ren participating in Galvani's birthday, Crewe's Purification, Straw's death and subsequent resurrection by Mew, and minor interactions with other J-Team members over the next few days helped prevent Ren from going after Cipher with guns blazing; until an anonymous tip off revealed the location of the Cipher R+D HQ. Driven to rescue Kitsune, Ren changed his Sixth Doctor ensemble to a formal long coat ensemble which he wore while leading the charge on the raid on the R+D HQ. Galvani, in her Human form, accompanied and assisted Ren during the raid. The two eventually came across Crewe, who had lost control of her Obscura and was on the verge of killing Aelia. Ren helped calm Crewe enough for Crewe to dispel her Obscura, preventing her from Killing Aelia. Leaving Aelia unconscious, Crewe left to aid in the raid with Clockwise's help as Ren and Galvani searched for Kitsune. During the search, Pentigan and Sparkers offered to help Ren. Then, with the groups help, Ren and Kitsune where reunited, and the two shared a tender moment despite Kitsune's apparent mistreatment at the hands of Cipher. Ren, after being admonished by Kitsune for prioritizing her safety above all else, help fininsh the raid on the R+D HQ, returning to Phenac where Kitsune was treated at Phenac Center.

While the next few days passed slowly for Ren and his team, things started coming to a head when Yelloc and Popple challenged Ren and Dune to a double battle, which resulted in Ren snagging the singing Alomomola that had been passed into Popple's possession, Dune Snagging the Porygon2 in Yelloc's possession, And Yelloc being Captured and handed to Justy 's custody to await being taken into Interpol's custody. Thing contined to get worse as next day Ren saw how Tagg murderd several Cipher Peons via a video Tagg posted to warn Cipher. Disgusted with Tagg's actions, Ren was accidentally caught up in Clockwise's "experiment" which resulted in Ren and several other J-Team members being sent into the Mindscapes. During this expedition the group survived Herbert's bad memories, met Lina (a dangerous aspect of Psyche), and learned a few things about each other that where better of not being known. Things continued to spiral downwards as Ren picked up an injured Vierr who had barely manged to beat Verax and his YMCA on the day before Thanksgiving and the Ren's assisting Zeal in rescuing Lanie the day after Thanksgiving.

Things finally come to a head the day after rescuing Lanie, when the J-team gathered in Gateon to discuss plans to assault Cipher's main base. However Cipher, deciding to mount a counteroffensive against the J-team, stages an attack on Gateon, forcing the J-team to divide into teams to invade the Cipher Key Lair on Citadark Isle and to defend Gateon Port. Ren joined the group invading Citadark, where Ren and several other J-Team members and allies encountered Mammor, delivering a humiliating defeat to the Cipher commander despite Mammor's escape. Ren, along with the Rest of the J-team, escaped the exploding Cipher Lair hoping that Cipher's grip over Orre had been broken for many years to come.

The Orre Interlude

In the weeks following the J-Team's victory, Ren stayed in Gateon. While relatively peaceful, this time provided Ren and his team enough mood whiplash to prevent them for fully savoring the victory over Cipher. A few days after the raid on Citadark, Ren visited Crewe in the hospital where he started helping Crewe regain control over her Obscura in the form of rehab where Crewe and Seamstress created Obscura Silk. Though not everything was peaceful, Ren witnessing Dune's reunion with his parents and Tagg's announcement that he was leaving the J-Team as repentance caused Ren trepidation. The next few days brought more surprises as Galvani's bracelet is tested and confirmed to work, which was immediately followed by the Fairy type being publicly revealed. Things escalate further when Ren watches Jacob defeat Titan and reclaim Regina. Ren in an attempt to help the Team and spurned on by other member's successes, Ren begins to research a way of replicating the effects of a time flute in order to purify the Heatran of Mt. Battle. This study binge culminates in Ren calling several people to the Relic Stone where the assorted mon of the Assembled members used Round to try to harmonize with the Relic Stone to summon Celebi. While the attempt to Harmonize with the Relic Stone Fails, the impromptu jam session successfully attracts the attention of Celebi, who purifies the Heatran. Ren's successes continue as the Obscura silk Crewe and Seamstress made is successfully tested and made into a pair of gloves. However, Ren's good mood came to a grinding halt when a letter from Ren's family came saying that the annual Clavis Christmas party would be at the Johto estate and should bring his girlfriend to the the party. Ren, unable to come up with a suitable solution, asks the team for help and inviting them to the party. On the day of the party, Ren greets various members of the J-team in attendance, as well as (with a borrowed Armband from Ammy) introducing Kitsune to his family as Cambria Aree. Ren and his team stay at the the Johto estate for Christmas where Ren received gifts from several members of the J-team as well as Des's bequest to Kitsune and himself (a cane and a map) while sending coats and and gifts to the J-team.

The Kalos Arc

After taking a break to prepare for future journeys, Ren and his team headed for Kalos, where Ren decided he would take the League Challenge. Upon arrival in Kalos Ren and his team started to drive to Santalune City in the Mod Vehicle. However, on the way there, Ren and his team were assaulted by a group of eight fairy-types under the leadership of a rather large Wigglytuff, styling themselves as King Moogle Mog and the Mooglesguard. Ren, Kitsune, Rio, and Gamma were able to quickly dispatch the Mooglesguard, but not before the fairy-types damaged the Mod Vehicle's Tesla Drive. The damage inflicted by the Mooglesguard forced Ren to call Deziree to Santalune to do repairs. While waiting for Dezi in Santalune, Ren captured three new Pokémon; Frightful the Fletchling, Mufasa the Litleo, and Monochrome the Scatterbug. After a couple days of training, Ren challenged Viola at Santalune Gym, earning the Bug Badge. On the evening after earning his Bug Badge, the egg Joseph gave Ren for Christmas started to hatch, and and after another bit of running around frantically, Bahamut was hatched. On the day Dezi arrived, Ren met the recently awakened Coyote, who, wanting to test his obscuric powers, offered Ren the gift of lycanthropy. Warily, Ren accepted Coyote's gift with the terms: Removal of the spell upon request. Free for the first time. And no strings attached. That evening, under the light of the moon, Ren gained his Pokéform - a shiny Fennekin - much to the delight of Kitsune.

Ren decided his next move would be to find what Des had bequeathed to him in his will. On the day of departure from Santalune, Monochrome evolved into a Spewpa after KOing a wild mon he had offended. The trip to the location Des had indicated was eventful, but not hazardous, with several hordes of wild Pokémon besetting Ren and his team. Eventually arriving at the indicated cave east of Route 8, Ren and his team were attack by the cave's inhabitant, a single female Inkay, who, after a short battle with Monochrome, was captured and Monochrome evolving into a Icy Snow Vivillion as a result of his victory. After agreeing to help Ren and his team find what Des had left, Ren nicknamed the Inkay "Morgana", who knew where Des had hidden a locked strong box in the cave and retrieved it for Ren. After realizing the Cane Des had bequeathed to Ren was the Key to the strong box, Ren and his team discovered what Des had hidden for them: a Key Stone to be set in the cane and an Aerodactylite. Intrigued by Ren and his team, Morgana accepted Ren's offer to become an official member of Ren's team.

Kalos Interlude

Before heading to Fiore Ren accepted a commission from someone he apparently knew - although he imposed some restrictions on them in return.

The Ranger Regions-2 Arc

It is finally shown that Ren was the one backing Lucius and Alice's crime-fighting endeavors - albeit indirectly - and the one who made the Original Auric Avenger and Gaia costumes.

During a small bit of Down time, Kitsune asked Deziree "to make something to help Ren so he didn't do anything rash trying to solve the armband problem". This resulted in Deziree making and Bracelet fro Ren, rather than Kitsune, as they would soon find out.

After Mammor seized control of Neo-Galactic during a coup d'etat, Mammor used his new position to kidnap Kitsune in an attempt to lure J-Team members into a trap. During the battle Ren snagged both The Shadow Natu and the Shadow Ninjask Mammor had. Enraged at losing his Shadow Pokemon, Mammor donated incendiary bombs meant to burn the J-Team to death. While the rest of the team survived the inferno through various means, Ren's bracelet absorbed the flames as the bombs that were beneath him's kinetic energy sent Ren skyward. Reading the words now displayed on his now-primed bracelet, Ren transformed into is Pokeform and once again faced off against Mammor, and demanded the man surrender. But Mammor, unaware that the Braixen was Ren, attacked Kitsune, prompting Ren to evolve into a Delphox to retaliate. Fully evolved and gaining the Psychic-type Ren shocked Mammor with his true Identity and destroying Mammor's Laser whip before Psychically pushing Mammor off the stone pillar where karma from Mammor's Past actions started to catch up with in in full - culminating with Ren and his team watching a now fully evolved Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX and her entourage of steel-type delta species carry a broken Mammor to parts unknown

Ranger Regions-2 Interlude

While reveling in the peace of Neo-Galactic Falling and a couple of successful raids on The Illusion Project, a pleasant trip to deliver a Birthday present to Sarah turned Sour when an Illusion Grunt and his Staryu kidnapped Conifer - and Sarah as well. Enraged beyond what he felt even in Orre, Ren quickly gathered a small group of J-Team Members to stage a raid on the Illusion based on Demon's Run Island. In a very tightly planed and coordinated attack, the J-Team was able to capture all the grunts, save Sarah and Conifer, and humilate Matilde in front of Echo, resulting in Matilde being Designated as Admin Run-Away with in the Illusion project.

After heading back to The Goldenrod Clavis Estate for the autumn holidays, Ren is called by his father to tel Ren that Ren's Mother and brother had learned about the J-Team TV Show and were convinced Ren had lost it as was emulating the show. to make this bad news worse if Ren was unable to convince the Rest of his Family otherwise Ren would be committed to a mental institution.

Now unable to leave Goldenrod without invite severe repercussions, Ren, now in need of distractions, approached Silent at the PEFE building in Goldenrod along with Gamma to offer PEFE rights to use Gamma's Translation Program and to possibly mass produce a translator device in the future. Agreeing that such a venture would need testers for patent purposes, Silent and Ren selected a new hire, Jules Mendel and his partners Hertz the Rotom and Pearl the Spoink. Initially put off by Mendel's extreme admiration of Silent and the other PEFE founders, Ren warmed up once he saw Mendel's enthusiasm and determination for the project he was assigned.

A few days Later, Martin, Clara, Sara, Doug, and Erik arrived at the Goldenrod estate where Several members of the J-Team had gathered to help Ren. Despite several showings of weirdness, and Sara; Doug; and Clara being convinced, Martin's stubbornness to cling to a reality (and his snobbishness) prompted Ren to take drastic measures. Grabbing Martin's wrist, Ren had Kitsune use Fire Blast on himself to activate his bracelet, shocking almost everyone present to display his bracelet's transformative abilities. Martin's crumbling resolve was shattered when Mew arrived on the scene with horderves and transformed Martin into a Magby and back to a human. The weirdness finally getting to be too much for Ren's mother, Clara fainted as Ren caught his mother with his psychic abilities. With his father's agreement, Ren declared the reality check adjourned and offered the group to stay for the night as Martin fainted during a conversation with Pent.

The Hoenn-2 Arc

Hoenn-2 Interlude

In the AU

In the AU Ren was never assaulted by Mammor's operative nor found interest in contests while attending the La Rousse College of Art and Technology. Kitsune was also evolved prior to coming into contact with the temporally altered and displaced Fire Stone. Because of these changes, Rio is a lot more easy going, Kitsune is a normal sized Ninetales (though she still had a thing for Ren), and Ren became a freelance designer and was eventually able to walk without a cane. After graduating, Ren opted to stay in Hoenn, moving to Lilycove and setting up business there. As Ren never became a trainer or coordinator, Ren's team only ever consisted of Rio, Kitsune, Gamma, Seamstress, and Copperfield.

Ren was in Lilycove when the bombs dropped. After be turned into a Shiny Vulpix, Ren, along with Kitsune and the rest of his team, decided that passing Ren off as a normal mon would be safer. So Ren, Seamstress, Rio, and Kitsune sneaked past the HES stationed in Lilycove, stealing a Fire Stone from the department store for Ren on the way out. Ren, with Kitsune's help, set up a den near Route 121 and Route 122. With the story "their trainer was killed" as their cover, Ren and Kitsune start to live a life as normal Vulpix line mon. Seamstress likewise started to incorporate herself into the wildlife of Routes 120-122. Gamma and Copperfield choose to stay near Lilycove, but not to get too involved with either side of the conflict. Eventually Ren, with Kitsune's help, learned to use his new body properly and then, using the stolen Fire Stone, evolved into a Ninetales. Ren and Kitsune eventually become mates, and had children. Ren initially struggled with the concept of hunting, but eventually became accustomed to it.

Ren stays a Pokemon in both the good ending and bad ending. However, in the good ending, Ren escapes being turned back into a human by not venturing near either Lilycove or Fortree city. As such, Ren and the rest of his partners remained “wild” mon until they died. Ren’s family was most likely informed that neither Ren nor his body was found in Lilycove, and is counted as missing for several years before being pronounced legally dead. However, Ren did let his family know of his status and desire to remain as a Ninetales. This would lead to Ren and his his family having a falling out, as only Ren's father truly supported Ren's decision to remain in Pokéform. Ren was forced to leave Clavis House though he came to look through a window at his human family occasionally with Gamma and Copperfield’s help, though he never sought a one on one meeting with any of them again, except his father - though those meetings where always very awkward.

Battle Record

Ren has battled several members of the J-Team, but has has yet to achieve an actual victory.

  • Vs Arika: 4 vs 4 double battle - Loss
  • Vs Jacob: 6 vs 6 double battle - Interrupted. Jacob abandoned the battle due to irritation
  • Vs Nathan: 2 vs 2 double battle - Interrupted. Nathan's Gardevoir, halted the battle when Nathan tried to force Elizabeth (who was then a Feebas) to fight in an a hurt state.
  • Vs Silent: 3 vs 3 single battle - Tie. Ren offered a truce so not to hurt Dintel.

This is not to say Ren is terrible at Pokemon battles, as Ren has claimed a few substantial victories.

  • Ren Challenged Marlon at Humilau Gym and earned the Wave Badge
  • Ren won the Croagunk Challenge Cup in Holon
  • Ren Challenged all the Kalos Gym Leaders and defeated them, but had to re-challenge Korrina at the Shalour Gym before claiming victory.
  • Ren defeated the Kalos Elite Four, but was only able to tie with Diantha the Kalos Champion
  • Ren has defeated Steven and entered into the Hoenn Hall of Fame

Ren has however shown his contest battle skills to be superior to his normal battles skills.

  • Ren has defeated Joseph in two 2 vs 2 Contest Battles
  • Ren has defeated several named NPCs on and off screen and consistently winds up in the top four in contests and Grand Festivals.
  • Ren has earned an Aqua Ribbon, earning him status as a world-class coordinator
  • Ren claimed victory in all four of the 2018 Grand Festivals


Aside from the standard trainer and coordinator items, Ren possess

Unique Items

  • His cane collection including, but not limited to:
    • Ren's Normal Cane
    • The Mp3 Player Cane
      • A cane with outfitted with an MP3 player in the shaft and speakers and a microphone in the handle.
    • The Stun Cane
      • A cane with that functions as a stun baton to be used in times of great need.
    • The Holo-Cane
      • A cane with a computer built into the shaft and a wide-area Holographic projector in the Handle built and gifted by Jacob.
    • Novelty Canes (multiple)
  • A pair of dimensionally transcendent bags
  • Pants with a dimensionally transcendent pocket (multiple)
  • His AR HUD Glasses: A pair of glasses commissioned by his team to an Augmented Reality Heads Up Display. The new pair were modeled on the AR HUD functionality of Ren's Aura Glasses made by Chrome from an Aura Scanner and a spare set of Ren's glasses during the Orre Arc.
  • His Mod Vehicle: A personal hover car modified by Galvani, and fitted with a Tesla Drive. The Tesla Drive grants the Mod vehicle the ability of unassisted flight for a maximum of one hour before the Tesla Drive requires a cool-down.
  • A formal suit, hat, and opera cape made from Obscura Silk.
  • An Aqua Ribbon
  • Contest Passes for all regions that have contests

Important Items

  • A box of Sacred Ash
  • A fire-red bracelet with a fire-orange LCD screen on it.

Legendary Level Items

  • The divine glaive, The Blade of Kusanagi - bequeathed to him by Ammy
  • Sho's half used bottle of Pecha Pills (The pills where eventually used, so now Ren has a literally unbreakable bottle.)

Has a Mindscape.

Ren's Team

While Ren keeps several pokemon on hand, he doesn't store his unused pokemon with the PC box storage system. Rather, Ren sends his unused pokemon to be cared for at his family's ranch in Johto. As such, Ren relies on Pokemon Centers and other public transfer services to swap out his team.




Rey Veneno










Re: Glitch/ Sinnoh-3


Alola Arc


In the AU



  • In production, Ren was so unbalanced his entire history had to be rewritten.
  • Ren's older brother, Martin, is married and has triplets. (Both Ren and his brother dote on them.)
  • While Ren's dimensionally transcendent bags are bigger on the inside, there is a limit to how much they can store - unlike the older members' Palkia-Enhanced Hammerspace Bags.
  • Ren had several pairs of pants altered by Silph co. that allow Ren to carry the Blade of Kusanagi on him without it be detected.
  • Ren's Pokéform mimics the color of Ren's eyes and wears a re-sized sized version of his glasses.
    • After evolving into a Braixen and then a Delphox, the stick-wand he uses mimics the proportional length and design one of Ren's canes.
  • Ren is one of the few trainers to have a shiny Pokéform, the other being Katie.
  • Ren is currently the oldest human in the J-Team who happens to be mortal.
    • Ren often finds it somewhat awkward being friends with a group that is almost entirely younger than him, but does his best not to make it too strange.
  • If Ren were to have an Attribute, it would be a Mind of Crystal. This would further emphasize Ren's inability to be threatened/ intimidated into submission.
  • Ren is a big fan of silent films.
    • His favorites include [Charlie Chaplin] films and The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Ren and Cambria will teach a class about contests and performing together at some point later on in their lives.
  • While Ren was very interested in theater growing up, he never had any real first-hand experience until Pokemon Musicals became a thing.
  • Ren was a fan of Crobatman as a kid, specifically TAS and 1970's [Adam West] versions.
  • Ren wants to meet Forte and talk about Eeveelution things someday.
  • Ren likes the fact that he wears glasses because they make him appear distinguished.
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