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Sabaku is the ancestor of Dune.


Sabaku looks much like his descendant. However, he also has a trimmed beard is an inch or two taller. He is usually dressed in light, flowing garb to combat the desert heat. In combat or training, his usual attire is a steel cuirass with greaves and an open-faced helmet. The helm has a bladed crest like that on an Excadrill's head. His weapons are a pair of bladed gauntlets designed after Excadrill claws.


Sabaku is a an often exasperated man who is still chafing under some of the yolk of leadership. Unlike most of the Warlords in Ransei, Sabaku has only been in a leadership position for only a year and a half. He cares deeply for his people, having been born a mason's son, but finds the politics of his position grating.

The recent war has raised deep insecurities, forcing Sabaku to question his ability to lead his kingdom through the coming turmoil.


He is a member of the Pugi-lusio Alliance, and is the prime provider of trade. He is good friends with his old militia squad, The Dustrunners.

  • He aided Fukurou in retaking Yaksha, but warned him that he should stop obsessing over his sister if he wanted to become a good Warlord.
  • Aided Kaius and Lina in beginning to fight back against the Nixtorm Empire.
  • Was good friends with Alphonse, who was killed by Ren during an attempt on Sabaku's life.

Further Details

  • Age: 26
  • Type Specialty: Ground
  • Perfect Link: Drillbur Line
  • Warrior Skill: Previously Fortify, now ???
  • Likes: Traveling, sparring, trap making
  • Dislikes: Politics, bureaucracy