The Dustrunners

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A militia group based in the quarries of northern Terrera, now serving as the personal guard of Sabaku, Warlord of Terrera.

Ranking & Structure

The Dustrunners are an only moderately military organization, without an official ranking system. Instead, they determine superiority based on seniority. Each group of recruits is referred to as a "class", and anyone within that class is considered equal.

  • First Class: Kioji (Cofounder), Taizan (Cofounder, deceased)
  • Second Class: Sabaku, Boulder, Snips, Cracker
  • Third Class: Kogoro, Toma, Imca, Ichiro



Age: 35

Class: First

Pokémon Partner: Tyranitar

Uniform Embellishments: No helmet, large shoulder pads

Weapon of Choice: Halberd

Warrior Skill: Rally


Age: 29

Class: Second

Pokémon Partner: Golem

Uniform Embellishments: No sleeves, thick gauntlets

Weapon of Choice: Two-handed Mace

Warrior Skill: Adrenaline


Age: 27

Class: Second

Pokémon Partner: Bisharp

Uniform Embellishments: Added bandolier, darker camo pattern

Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives, katar

Warrior Skill: Bustle


Age: 29

Class: Second

Pokémon Partner: Scrafty

Uniform Embellishments: Hood, extra pocket belts

Weapons of Choice: Main Gauche and armor pick

Warrior Skill: Impact


Age: 20

Class: Third

Pokémon Partner: Camerupt

Uniform Embellishments: Large-brimmed hat

Weapon of Choice: Spiked chain

Warrior Skill: Deep Breath


Age: 22

Class: Third

Pokémon Partner: Claydol

Uniform Embellishments: None

Weapon of Choice: Bladed crossbow

Warrior Skill: Crack Shot


Age: 19

Class: Third

Pokémon Partner: Krookodile

Uniform Embellishments: Sunglasses, spiked shoulder pads

Weapons of Choice: Two trench knives

Warrior Skill: Quick Strike


Age: 16

Class: Third

Pokémon Partner: Rhydon

Uniform Embellishments: Extra belts

Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield

Warrior Skill: Salve