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<"I'm a key. I used the back door.">
Keys is Ren's Klefki. Keys, along with being fourth wall aware, also has a unique appearance as the four keys on his key ring are Shout Outs to various Non-Pokemon franchises.

  • Species: <"I'm a Klefki.">
  • Nickname: <"If it wasn't obvious by the page header, I'm Keys.>
  • Birthday: <"I'm the same age as Keys, but I only came into existence in October of 2014!">
  • Nature: <"Omniscient, but every other personmon uses the term 'Quirky'.">
  • Gender: <"Since it's hard to tell, I'm a male.">
  • Ability: <"Prankster, fittingly enough.">
  • Hidden Power Type: <"The AST Type!">
  • Pokéball: <"I want a custom ball, but I'm currently settling for a Fast Ball at the moment.">
  • Egg Moves:
    • Iron Defense
    • Lock-On
    • Switcheroo
Ren's Team
Constant : Kitsune038Mini.pngRio448Mini.pngGamma474Mini.pngKeys707Mini.png
On hand : Vincent198Mini.pngAtlas351Mini.pngExcalipoor624Mini.pngL'cirufe395Mini.png
Christine 282Mini.pngErik475Mini.pngAvian142Mini.pngSeamstress542Mini.png
At Ranch : Bahamut006Mini.pngMaxilar160Mini.pngCopperfield065Mini.pngZorro571Mini.png
Brun133Mini.pngAquarius 134Mini.pngFulmen135Mini.pngPyra136Mini.png
Mufasa668mMini.pngRey Veneno034Mini.pngFrightful663Mini.pngMonochrome666iMini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc