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Gamma is Ren's Porygon-Z. Gamma was a given to Ren as a Porygon from the president of Silph Co. and was Ren's third partner.

  • Species: Porygon-Z
  • Nickname: Gamma
  • Birthday: December 18th
  • Gender: Identifies as a male.
  • Nature: Timid
  • Ability: Download
  • Hidden Power Type: Fighting
  • Pokéball: Quick Ball


As a member of the Porygon line, Gamma uses his digital body to allow Ren to create models for the accessories he designs. Gamma is in all but physical form, a robot buddy. Gamma can occasionally is logical and can be literal minded because of it. However, Gamma has a odd sense of humor, liking to be literal on purpose as well, and giving made up (yet somewhat believable) ludicrously precise calculations just to hear annoyed groans. Gamma can communicate with humans via electronic displays and voice synthesizers. Gamma's speech patterns are due to an error in his programing. This error renders Gamma unable to speak monese in a more normal fashion. However, this error doesn't impair Gamma's sub-vocalization skills. So he can use voice synthesizers and psychic links to "properly" express himself - when he chooses to.


  • Gamma programed a monese translation app compatible with most electronic devices that can run apps.
    • Since its initial appearance, said app has been used, and is currently used, by several PCs.
  • Gamma likes online gaming, and occasionally joins Wuffles in certain games.
    • In LL XIV Gamma mains a Scholar and Astrologian while managing a very prosperous gathering and crafting business.
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