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Copperfield, or "David", is Ren's Alakazam

  • Species: Alakazam
  • Nickname: Copperfield
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Modest
  • Ability: Magic Guard
  • Hidden Power Type: Fire
  • Pokéball: Fast Ball
  • Egg Moves:
    • Barrier
    • Skill Swap
    • Guard Swap
    • Power Trick
    • Encore


As one of the most powerful psychic type pokemon, Copperfield uses his abilities to connect the minds of Ren with Gamma or Seamstress to allow Ren to produce the signature accessories Ren's pokemon are known for. Copperfield is at his core a physically Weak, But Skilled Badass Bookworm. Slightly sadistic in battle, Copperfield likes to analyze his opponent's psyche, and carry out Ren's orders while simultaneously inflicting as much psychological damage as possible. Copperfield never gets used in contests for this reason.


  • Copperfield, like another Alakazam, get's his name from a popular magician. In this case, it's David Copperfield.
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