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"They are all... how should we say? Asscaves."
L'cirufe', or simply "L", is Ren's Empoleon.

  • Species: Empoleon
  • Nickname: L'cirufe
  • Birthday: Unkown
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Quirky
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Hidden Power Type: Unknown
  • Pokéball: Dive Ball
  • Egg Moves:
    • Aqua Ring
    • Feather Dance
    • Agility


L'cirufe is a Prinplup that grew up around Canalave City loves business, reading books, and acquiring knowledge in general. His interests led L'cirufe to learn to speak human languages so he wouldn't have to resort to crude sign language or improvised methods of communication. But without someone to properly inform L'cirufe of the nuances of various languages he learned, L'cirufe is able to make himself understood, but the fact that he gets idioms and metaphors wrong, yet "close enough" makes a few peoplemon raise their eyebrows.

Ren met L'cirufe as the Prinplup was chasing a Chatot that had stolen L'cirufe's Library card.


  • L'cirufe is named and modeled after one of the playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X.
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