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Pierre is Ren's male Gardevoir that evolved from a Ralts. Pierre is the son of Christine and Erik.


  • Species: Ralts
  • Nickname: Pierre
  • Birthday: May 8th
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Relaxed
  • Ability: Trace
  • Hidden Power Type: Bug
  • Pokéball: Repeat Ball
  • Egg Moves
    • Mean Look
    • Destiny Bond
    • Shadow Sneak
    • Disable
    • Grudge
    • Encore


Pierre is one of Ren's youngest Pokemon, and is the son of Erik and Christine. As a Ralts, Pierre was exceedingly shy, hiding in his mother's skirt or behind his father's legs when meeting someone new. If both of his parents were absent, he would cry until reassured of their presence. As of his debut, Pierre had barely gotten used to Ren and allowed Ren to hold him. When Ren made his debut, Pierre had just turned 2 months old. As a Ralts, Pierre had trouble with teleporting, though this changed when he evolved into a Kirlia while helping Ren and Dune rescue Big Dom from the mud in Icirrus City. Pierre is now able to teleport rapidly and accurately as well as being able to mange teleporting larger groups of peoplemon. However if Pierre tries to teleport an exceedingly large group or mass, his teleportation skills fall proportionately as the amount of mass he must teleports gets bigger. During the confrontation with Mammor during the finale of the Orre Arc, Pierre evolved into a Gardevoir. After evolving, Pierre appearance is different from other Male Gardevoir, with the fringes of his "skirt" all equal in length and a masculine upper body.


Like his parents, Pierre is named for a character in the Phantom of the Opera franchise. Pierre, just like his namesake, is the child of Erik and Christine.

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