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<"I make jokes. It's what I do.">
Zorro is Ren's Zoroark.

  • Species: Zoroark
  • Nickname: Zorro
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Naughty
  • Ability: Illusion
  • Hidden Power Type: Flying
  • Pokéball: Dusk Ball
  • Egg Moves
    • Zorro inherited moves his father - a Liepard - and from his Mother.
      • Captivate
      • Copy Cat
      • Snatch
      • Sucker Punch


Extremely clownish, Zorro is very much a bunny eared battler. Zorro has a three distinctive "Z" marking on his body - over his left eye, on his lower back and on his right shin. When Zorro uses Night slash he channels the energy used for the attack into the shape of rapier's blade and to "fence" using the attack.


  • Zorro's name is the Spanish word for fox.
  • Zorro's name, his markings, and his use of Night Slash homage to the 1919 comic character of the same name.
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