Bahamut (Ren)

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Bahamut is Ren's shiny Charizard. Bahamut was given to Ren by Joseph as an egg during Christmas 2013.


  • Species: Charizard
  • Nickname: Bahamut
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Mild
  • Ability: Solar Power
  • Hidden Power Type: Unknown
  • Pokéball: Poké Ball with a custom casing that that looks like Dalamud
  • Egg Moves
    • Metal Claw
    • Crunch
    • Ancient Power
    • Dragon Rage
    • Dragon Pulse
    • Dragon Rush
    • Dragon Dance


Cheerful and upbeat, Bahamut is generally friendly to everyone outside of battle. In battle however, Bahahmut treats all his opponents equally - be they friend or foe. When Bahamut Mega Evolves he looses all his normal speeking skills and can only audibly communicate with grunts, growls, roars, etc. However, Mega Evolution does not hinder Bahamut's sub-vocalization skills and thus can communicate with aurics and psychics via telepathy or with the written word normally.


  • Bahamut is named after for the reoccurring summon and boss character from the Final Fantasy Series - specifically the Bahamut from Final Fantasy XIV.

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