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Röntgen is the Delta Luxray that followed Ren's team through Holon. When Ren arrived in Orre, Röntgen was officially registered as a member of Ren's team. Upon becoming a Delta, Röntgen gained Access to many Dark Type moves

  • Species: Luxray
  • Delta Typing: Electric/ Dark type
  • Nickname: Röntgen
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Mild
  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Hidden Power Type: Dragon
  • Pokéball: Repeat Ball
  • Egg Moves:
    • Fire Fang
    • Ice Fang
    • Howl
    • Quick Attack
  • Delta moves:
    • Pursuit - Replacing Baby-doll Eyes as a level up move
    • Faint Attack - Replacing Leer as a level up move
    • Dark Pulse - Replacing Roar as a level up move
    • Embargo - replacing Swagger as a level up move
    • Night Slash - Replacing Wild Charge as a level up move


Röntgen had a long and hard life before meeting Ren. Hatched in Unova for an unnamed female trainer, Röntgen was nicknamed and raised until he was a Luxio. However, due to Team Plasma's first plan to trick people into releasing their pokemon, Röntgen was released against his will. Röntgen, wanting to escape the painful memories in Unova, snuck aboard a ship bound for Holon. Upon Arriving in Holon, Röntgen wandered the region until he was allowed to join a pride of Delta Shinx line mon. The pride, which took pride in their unnatural coloration, had accepted him with open arms even though he wasn't a Delta as Röntgen wasn't born in Holon. Röntgen lived with the pride happily, thinking he found a place where he was good enough to accepted. However this happiness wasn't to last, as eventually Röntgen evolved into a Delta Luxray, gaining Dark-typing in addition to his normal Electric typing. While normally this would make others happy, the Dark-typing Röntgen gained worked against him, as, rather than gaining a unique coloration or appearance, Röntgen looked like a normal Luxray. The pride, upon seeing Röntgen's natural coloration as a Delta, ostracized him. This ostracism brought back Röntgen's inferiority complex and made it worse than ever.


  • Named after Wilhelm Röntgen, the German physicist who first produced and detected X-rays

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