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<"If you fail to treat me right, I will set your pants alight.">
Shantotto is Ren's Delphox.


  • Species: Braixen
  • Nickname: Shantatto
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Magician
  • Nature: Quirky
  • Hidden Power Type: Ice
  • Pokéball: Premiere Ball with a custom paint job.
  • Egg Moves:
    • Wish
    • Heat Wave
    • Magic Coat


With her signature laugh and a habit for speaking in rhyme, Shantotto is shorter than other Delphox and has the mindset that she is superior to all others around her and is not one to bow down to anyone. However she will give heavenly beings the respect they deserve. She lives by the motto "The Ends Justify The Means", meaning she is one to do anything it takes to win, even if an ally were to get hurt in the process. Shantotto is shown to have a short fuse, easily losing her temper with anyone who would stand up to her or question her. Despite her shortcomings, Shantotto is capable of being a loyal partner if she finds a cause she thinks is worth fighting for; however if she finds that there is nothing in it for her on a personal level or if said cause could have a negative effect on the overall populace, she will leave without a moment's hesitation.


  • Shantotto is named and modeled after the (in)famous Tarutaru Black Mage NPC from Final Fantasy XI.
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