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Seamstress, or "Seams", is Ren's Leavanny and source of the silk used tho make his clothes.

  • Species: Leavanny
  • Nickname: Seamstress
  • Gender: Female
  • Nature: Mild
  • Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Hidden Power Type: Rock
  • Pokéball: Green and Yellow leaf patterned Standard Ball
  • Egg Moves
    • Silver Wind
    • Screech
    • Razor Wind
    • Mind Reader
    • Agility
    • Baton Pass
    • Air Slash


Polite and caring, Seamstress is very much a team mom of Ren's pokemon. Seamstress uses her innate abilities as a Leavanny produce the accessories Ren has designed. Seamstress is also very picky about unkempt clothes and clothes that are showing wear. She has been known to pull people aside just to fix a loose button, and will never let Ren out in public if he so much misses a belt loop. In battle, Seamstress loves to be paired with Kitsune, as both of them can showoff their full abilities.

Ren's Team
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As last seen in: Entralink Arc