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"Can't promise this won't hurt much, dearie."

Lady Black (often called Lady for short) is Joseph's Chandelure.


Age: 2

Birthday: May 14

Nature: Modest

Ability: Flame Body

Met: Striation City

Ball: Poke

Favorite Move: Fire Blast

Likes: Children and young Pokemon, helping friends, devouring souls

Dislikes: Evil, limiting her ability to burn souls


Lady Black is gentle and kind to friends and children, and is considered something of the Team Mom. However, she has absolutely no tolerance for evil, and jumps on the idea of killing and burning their souls disturbingly quickly. Being a Chandelure, Lady practices their ghastly feeding habits, and has no qualms about doing so. Despite this, she would never even consider feeding on anybody she knows.

Lady loves children and young Pokemon, although she sometimes scares them. She accepted her role as Captain's mother after only a bit of confusion.

Abilities in Battle

Due to Chandelure's massive Special Attack, Lady is often Joseph's first choice for a Fire-type in battle. She uses strong Fire-type moves (such as Fire Blast and, on rare occasions, Overheat) and Ghost-type attacks (Shadow Ball). She also knows coverage moves, such as Psychic and Energy Ball.

Outside of official battles, Lady hypnotizes opponents by waving her arms, before enveloping them in a ghastly flame, burning out their soul.

Moves Known:

  • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball
  • TypeFire.gif Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ember, Overheat, Will-o'-Wisp
  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic
  • TypeGrass.gif Energy Ball
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFire.gif Fire Blast TM ★★★★★ Comes in soul stealing or non-soul stealing flavors.
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball Natural ★★★★ Lady's Ghost STAB option.
TypePsychic.gif Psychic TM ★★★ Lady uses this for levitation and coverage.
TypeGrass.gif Energy Ball TM ★★★★ Florence better watch out.
TypeFire.gif Overheat Natural ★★★★ Absurdly powerful, but only used to finish.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Lady Black


As one of the original four eggs that Joseph hatched, Lady has a deep love and respect towards him (although upon hatching, she completely ignored him in favor of his mother's Clefairy).

She serves as a mother figure for the rest of the team, especially Captain, as he literally sees her as his mother.

Her changes from polite to homicidal mildly creeps out Herbert.

Lady has formed a friendship with Wrex, after she apologized for scaring him and Samus. She even revealed to him the first name that she gave to herself (Alice).

Her relationship with Samus, however, began as quite strained, and the Tranquill will probably never like her.


  • Was on Joseph's team when he beat the Unova League.
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