Margaret (Joseph)

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"I think I'll read over your shoulder."

-three seconds later-

"Turn the page, please."

Margaret is Joseph's Gothitelle. She is named after Margaret Moonlight, a character from No More Heroes 2 that wore gothic lolita clothing.


Age: 2

Birthday: May 14

Nature: Serious

Ability: Shadow Tag

Met: Striation City

Ball: Poke

Favorite Move: Calm Mind

Likes: Peace and quiet, reading

Dislikes: Rudeness, overreactions


Margaret is a no-nonsense Gothitelle. She wants everything to be calm and quiet, but she accepts the fact that they never will be. As such, Margaret leaves Lady Black to deal with the other members of the team when they misbehave. Margaret can be friendly, however, especially if she is conversing with an intellectual.

Margaret loves to read, so Joseph tends to carry around books for her.

Abilities in Battle

Margaret is no slouch on the battlefield, and she enjoys it, too. When fighting, she prefers to use Calm Mind before using strong Psychic, Ghost or Electric type attacks.

Moves Known

  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic, Psyshock, Reflect, Light Screen, Calm Mind
  • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt, Charge Beam
  • TypeGrass.gif Energy Ball, Grass Knot
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypePsychic.gif Calm Mind TM ★★★★★ For battle and tuning out your pesky teammates.
TypePsychic.gif Psychic Natural ★★★★ Margaret's best attack.
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball TM ★★★ To hit Ghost-types harder.
TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt TM ★★★ Joseph used this before he caught Makoto.
TypePsychic.gif Psyshock Natural ★★★★ A bit redundant, but enjoyable.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Margaret (Joseph)


Margaret used to be very reserved, but has made an effort to open up a bit. She likes using literature as a icebreaker.

Margaret does like her trainer, although she can be sarcastic.

She enjoys the company of Herbert's friend Alice, both being serious and into literature.

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