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" say you want an adventure?"

Nightshade is Joseph's Roserade. She is named after the common name for Solanaceae.


Age: 2

Birthday: May 14

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Natural Cure

Met: Striation City

Ball: Poke

Favorite Move: Energy Ball

Likes: Swinging around with her vines, messing around with people and Pokemon, Scarlett, battling

Dislikes: Boredom, easy battles


Nightshade is rambunctious and always ready to fight. She loves using her vines concealed in her flowers, and is disappointed that she can't use them in battle. Although she doesn't show it often, Nightshade is quite mischievous and enjoys making snappy remarks and messing with people. She is very good friends to Scarlett, and to a lesser extent the rest of the team.

Abilities in Battle

Nightshade loves to battle almost more than anything, and as such is very good at it. Much like her friend Scarlett, she releases Sleep Powder at the opponent (from her blue flower) before unleashing strong Grass (Energy Ball, Leaf Storm and Giga Drain) and Poison (Sludge Bomb) attacks from her red flower. Whenever she can, she'll use her vines to get an advantage.

Moves Known

  • TypeGrass.gif Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Aromatherapy
  • TypePoison.gif Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Toxic Spikes
  • TypeNormal.gif Sweet Scent
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeGrass.gif Energy Ball TM ★★★★★ Nightshade's go-to Grass-type move. Performed while striking badass pose.
TypeGrass.gif Sleep Powder Egg Move ★★★★ Does this flower smell like Sleep Powder to you?
TypePoison.gif Sludge Bomb TM ★★★★★ Nightshade's go-to Poison move. Also performed with badass pose.
TypeGrass.gif Giga Drain Natural ★★★★ Despite how useful it is, Nightshade rarely uses it.
TypeGrass.gif Aromatherapy Natural ★★★ Used when Nightshade feels like a cleric.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Nightshade


Nightshade is deeply in love with Scarlett. Recently, the two have become a couple.

Nightshade enjoys the company of the other team members and her trainer.

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