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"This'll be fun, tee hee hee!"

Rogue is Joseph's Weavile.


Age: 2

Birthday: November 8

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Pressure

Met: Giant Chasm (Sneasel)

Favorite Move: Ice Punch

Likes: Fighting, Ripley, Newt

Dislikes: Fighting-type moves, spoilsports


Rogue is generally cheery, and often very impulsive. Regardless of his actual mood, he giggles like a madman. Much like his wife Ripley, he is mischievous.

Rogue dotes on both Ripley and his daughter, Newt.

Abilities in Battle

Despite his relative newness, Rogue is one of the best fighters that Joseph has. He is both very fast and very strong, using his speed to get in close and use strong Ice, Dark or Fighting type attacks. He cannot take a hit, though.

Moves Known:

  • TypeIce.gif Ice Punch
  • TypeDark.gif Faint Attack, Night Slash, Pursuit
  • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Claw
  • TypeFighting.gif Brick Break, Low Kick
  • TypeNormal.gif Attract
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Ice Punch Egg Move ★★★★★ His absolute best move.
TypeDark.gif Night Slash Natural ★★★★ His Dark STAB of choice. Cutting things is fun.
TypeFighting.gif Brick Break TM ★★★★ For what Ice and Dark can't hit.
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Claw TM ★★★ Night Slash without the STAB. But Joseph likes Ghost-type moves.
TypeNormal.gif Attract TM ★★ Self-taught to seduce his wife more efficiently. Passed on to Newt.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Rogue


Rogue adores his wife and daughter, as has been stated.

He seems to get into disagreements with Herbert semi-frequently.

Both he and Chun-Li loathe each other.


  • Was on Joseph's team when he beat the Unova League, and soloed Iris.
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